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Technology Factory Online Shop

Welcome, in our High End Audio shop based in Antwerp, Belgium.


The "Showroom" = CLOSED
Due to the persistant corona problem we decided to keep the Showroom closed.
We only re-open the Showroom as soon as the worldwide covid pandemic is completely over.
We don't like government flip / flop decisions
We don't feel comfortable with the law that I can not see my family but I am still allowed to meet a dozen Customers a day.
Therefore short pain, closed to everyone and remote business only.
Health for me, my family and my valued Customers takes precedence over economy.
However, don't let that prevent you from enjoying your beautiful musical hobby.
We are here for you, chat, send us a email, grab your phone or make a video call.
Looking forward to welcoming you back in the Showroom later in the year with a coffee or a delicious glass of wine.
Better times are coming back. We miss you :-)

The "Online Shop" = OPEN
The Onlineshop is offcourse open 24/24 7/7.
We ship from Monday till Friday and worldwide with TNT/FEDEX.
All the shipments are still fast and safe, a small delay is possible.
Pickup from ordered products are possible, after appointment.
Wearing a mouth mask is always mandatory.

The "Manufacturers"
Three months of lockdown hit many manufacturers, some were in total lockdown, others were working at half power.
Most are now restarting there production but still have to do with parts shortage.
The result is that we do have to deal with longer delivery times.

The "Product Availability"
Due to the covid19 problem, the delivery time as stated in our website is not always possible.
That is why we would like to communicate with correct expectations.
You should understand the availability of each article as follows:

1 DAY => available between 1 DAY and 1 WEEK
1 WEEK => available between 1 WEEK and 1 MONTH
1 MONTH => available between 1 MONTH and 3 MONTHS

Your trust and patience is much appreciated.
We do our best to deliver as quickly as possible.
Nevertheless If you need a product extra quickly, ask in advance for the delivery time to avoid disappointments.

The "Questions"
If you have technical or availability questions about our products or encounter problems when placing an order please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately by email or by phone +32.(0)3.2163934
We are always at your audio service and we appreciate your business!

Enjoy the Music and most important keep your family and loved ones healthy!

A wonderfull song from Cristóvam @cristovammusic
"Andrà Tutto Bene - Everything will be fine"

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