AirTight ATM-2Plus

AirTight ATM-2Plus

Stereo Power Tube Amplifier 4*KT88 2*70W

AirTight ATM-2Plus
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Rediscovery of the legends
Air Tight released the original ATM-2 in 1988. This KT-88 based Push-Pull power amplifier received honor of many awards and has became our longest running power amplifier model for over 30 years. Today, we are renovating this celebrated model to redefine KT-88 push-pull amplifier with AirTight`s30 years of technical expertise. The new ATM-2Plus is a completely new design while keeping the legendary AirTight style & outlooks. All circuity including 1st& 2nd amplification and internal constructions are renovated. Unlike a time when we released the original ATM-2, vintage KT-88 tubes are almost impossible to obtain, and quality of modern tubes are different. Our focus was to lower plate voltage of the tube while keeping output power for longer tube life as well as stable operation of the amplifier. For the optimum operation point of KT-88/6550 tubes, we incorporated 6CG7/6FQ7 tubes which is more powerful than the original 12AU7 for wider amplitude and lower distortion. AirTight also redesigned Negative Feedback to optimize damping factors to match with today`s speaker. Output transformer is a major components for Power Amplifier. ATM-2Plus is unsparingly mounting new Tamura`s 100W class large output transformers to allow surplus at lows. For critical power transformer, we decided to custom made hand-winded/paper wrapped transformer made by Japanese craftsman for clearer and bigger sound stage. Exterior design of ATM-2Plus is adhere to its predecessor, but the new chassis design hides fasteners by using stud boss and ensuring firm frame grounding. Another new features would be fast breaking fuses to protect the amplifier from output tube failures. Keeping traditions, not printed circuit boards are used in ATM-2Plus, and all assemblies and wirings of ATM-2Plus are done by our craftsmen at AirTightfactory in Takatsuki, Osaka.

- Redefining KT-88 Push-Pull amplifier while keeping legendary ATM-2 style.
- Optimizing dumpling factors for speakers of modern era.
- Powerful 70W + 70W output (1kHz/THD5%)
- Keeping traditional total point to point hand-wiring without PCB’s