High Quality Vinyl full analogue production
Let us introduce our Five Step Process, nobody does it until now because even the best record labels stop themselves at the first step, finding or producing a good quality master/master tape:

Restoring or producing the master
GN Records restores or produces its masters with its own Gold Note brand electronics and with some other apparatus specifically designed for the editing process, following the most sophisticated audiophile philosophy.

The cut of the master
It is the process where the record master is physically cut on an aluminium/vinyl dub plate with a specific lathe. GN Records only uses Neumann lathe for STEREO productions, the Neumann VMS70 with SX74 cartridge performing the valve RIAA preamp stage custom Neumann SAL74B o VG66 and a Gold Note one for some specific applications. For MONO productions the lathe used is the 1957 Lyrec (Ortofon/Philips) SV8 completely and finely restored with valve electronic and NOS cartridges by Ortofon and Neumann. The Cut of the master is made on a special lacquer called Dub Record for which the best used by GN Records are made of aluminium covered with a special vinyl. GN Records partner doing this important sophisticated work is Roberto Barbolini, one of the only three people in the world specialized in restoring lathes and amplifiers for the cutting process and being probably the best technician available worldwide today doing that.

The galvanic treatment
The Dub Record Master is initially sprayed with silver crystals to make the two templates used for moulding/printing process to produce commercial vinyl records. The quantity of silver crystals first then the time and power of the Nickel galvanic treatment is a fundamental process to lay a perfect quantity of material on the master templates used to print the vinyl records. GN Records follows that process directly. Only the best templates are chosen to keep the genuine originality of the dub master machined record.

Making the templates
GN Records only choose the best template of different productions then making only 500 copies with a single template to preserve absolute best performance. At the end of the 500 printed copies the templates are thrown away.

Printing of the vinyl
The temperature and pressing time are key factors also. GN Records printing time is five (5) times higher – one minute per copy circa – than standard vinyl production process to ensure the best possible and most silent groove.