Mystère PA11 Tube Power Amplifier

Mystère PA11

Tube Power Amplifier 4*EL34 2*40Watt

Mystère PA11
Mystère PA11
Mystère PA11
Mystère PA11
Mystère PA11
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When we break down our integrated amplifiers into separates, we offer much more than the pre- or power stage of that integrated. So while the pa11 power amp evolves from the critically-acclaimed ia11, it offers much more. For instance... We once again offer 40 watts of pure pentode output per channel, maintaining all the glory and beauty of tubes. However, the transformers in the pa11 are completely different, providing much more efficient power that delivers incredible depth and punch. We do implement a very modest amount of global negative feedback to make the amp rock solid. We also use a high power, low impedance, solid state rectification circuit followed by a massive pi network using the highest quality caps and resistors. In the signal path are only two high quality Solen coupling capacitors. Finally, we implement Mystère’s proprietary Adaptive AutoBias circuit, specifically tuned for Pentode operation. Optimized for EL34s (but allowing for many others) the AutoBias circuit is continuously tweaking each tube to its sweet spot. No biasing, no need for matched tubes, no worries. Combine the pa11 with the ca11 preamplfier, and you will enjoy the finest quality parts and design, with sound rivaling systems costing twice as much.

- Power output 40+40w @ 8Ohm 1%thd
- Bandwidth 4hz-80khz +/-0,3db @ 1w - 20hz-52khz +/- 1db @ 40w
- Noise <-90db wtd-a
- Gain 26db (20x)
- Distortion 0,2% @ 1w, 0,25% @ 10w, 1% @ full power 40w
- Consumption 200w max
- Net weight 20,5 kg
- Dimensions 320x370x200 mm (lxwxh)
- Tubes: 4 x 6sn7 and 4 x el34
- Voltage 230V/50Hz
- You can't change the voltage to 110V/60Hz