Silent Angel Forester F2

Silent Angel Forester F2

Linear Power Supply - Output DC12V/3A DC12V/1A DC5V/2A DC5V/1A

Silent Angel Forester F2
Silent Angel Forester F2
Silent Angel Forester F2
Silent Angel Forester F2
Silent Angel Forester F2
Silent Angel Forester F2
Silent Angel Forester F2
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Forester F2
The stable linear power supply with highly accurate versatile DC outputs to support Hi-Fi system.  
Power is the bloodstream to all electronic devices, and it's especially crucial for the highly sensitive Hi-Fi audio equipment, being stable & less-noise, having low power consumption & guarding the audio nature. F2 is to simultaneously provide the the stable DC power signals to different Hi-Fi audio equipment.

Designed to Power Various Hi-Fi Devices
- A great solution to power high-frequency Hi-Fi audio system, and adjust the optimal power condition for Hi-Fi sound quality.
- Employs 4 types of DC output, 12V/3A; 12V/1A; 5V/2A; 5V/1A, regarding 5V outputs, there are also USB interfaces for user to choose.
- By connecting to Bastei, DC upgrade cable, F2 could serve the greater quality of power signal to Hi-Fi system, and improve the overall sound quality.Designed to Power Various Hi-Fi Devices

Forester Power Expertise & Substantial Exterior
- Fully symmetric toroidal-transformer-formed circuit, and low-noise MOSFET paralleled to lower inner electronic interference, also with high-permeability EMI absorber embedded to eliminate high frequency electrical noise.
- Adopts thick aluminum alloy for all panels, the front and back panels are thick as 8 mm, all the designs are meant to reduce any possible machine vibrations & noises.
- SECC processing galvanized steel for top and bottom cases, which is highly anti-oxidation and highly anti-corrosion.
- From inner circuitry to outer enclosure, all the designs are built to pursue ultimate Hi-Fi quality, F2 would bring the consistency and integrity and vividness back to life in digital music.

Designed to Support Hi-Fi System
- F2 is to simultaneously provide the the stable DC power signals to different Hi-Fi audio equipment.
- 12V/3A can power Z1; 12V/1A can power E1 / N8 Pro, 5V/2A can power M1/M1T; 5V/1A can power N8, etc.

With F2's powerful & versatile DC outputs, it can build up an exclusive HI-Fi music playing system.
Power Expander E1, and Bonn N8, and Munich M1 simultaneously, the pure and stable power signal would serve the greatly smooth data transmission between all these Hi-Fi audio devices, from music storage to network optimization, and music streaming, every step is protected by the optimized power signal, it's time to enjoy a supreme Hi-Fi feast at home.

As Tailored for Bonn N8 Pro, advanced audiophile network switch.
F2 is able to perform to its fullest when coupling with N8 Pro, generating stabilized and natural power signal to carry high-frequency network data, Silent Angle's signal optimizing technique integration, upgrade both power and network signal quality to higher Hi-Fi level. Forester Power Technique x Specialized Clock Module to further reduce network latency and  improve jitter effect.

Stably power Rhein Z1 and Expander E1 at the same time.
F2 is able to simultaneously support E1 and Z1, with its optimized power signal to support E1 and Z1's data processing, it can be more dedicated, more stable and pure, Hi-Fi sound enjoyment is easy to obtain by this great source system. By adopting a 10TB E1 with Z1 to build up to Hi-Fi NAS to run as Roon Core, the sound quality is exceptional.

- Power Input: IEC (AC) 115-230V or 120-240V, 1.5A at max
- Power Use: 100W at max

- Interface
(DC) 12V/3A plug*1, 5.5 x 2.5 mm; 12V/1A plug*1, 5.5 x 2.5 mm
(DC) 5V/2A plug*1, 5.5 x 2.1 mm; 5V/1A plug*1, 5.5 x 2.1 mm
(The same set of USB ports and DC plugs of 5V output cannot be connected simultaneously.)
(The two sets share the same current output)
The maximum current gross output of two 12V ports is 3A, which means if you connect 12/3A port to a device which requires exactly 12/3A input, then the 12V/1A port cannot be used.
The maximum current gross output of two 5V ports is 2A, which means if you connect 5V/2Aport to a device which requires exactly 5V/2A input, then the 5V/1A port cannot be used.

- LED Indicator Output Status*4
Green light means power on and the condition is stable
Red light means over current protection activated and power off
No light means no power input

- Output Over Temperature*2
Yellow light means over temperature protection activated
No light means temperature is normal or no power input

- Temperature: Operating 0 ~ 35 °C; Storage -20 ~ 70 °C
- Humidity: Operating: 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing), Storage: 5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)
- Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 87 mm
- Weight: 4.2 KG