Rega System One

Rega System One

Planar1 Turntable + io Amplifier + Kyte Loudspeakers + Cables

Rega System One
Rega System One
Rega System One
Rega System One
Rega System One
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This multi-award winning ‘Plug and Play’ design utilises our handmade RB110 tonearm, with pre-set bias and a factory fitted Carbon cartridge. Set-up is possible in under 30 seconds and delivers incredible performance well beyond its price point.

Performance beyond price
A fresh new look for the multi-award winning Planar 1. We are delighted to introduce the new matt finish Planar 1. Every single aspect of the Planar 1 has been meticulously designed to improve performance. The Planar 1 uses a bespoke 24 V, low noise, synchronous motor to reduce vibration combined with our hand made RB110 tonearm fitted with our unique Rega designed ultra-low friction bearings. We have added our latest drive belt technology the EBLT belt which delivers greater accuracy and improved speed performance. If you are looking to get back into vinyl and want serious performance that will last you a lifetime, then look no further.

- EBLT Advanced drive belt fitted as standard
- New matt finish for 2021
- RB110 tonearm with ultra-low friction play bearings
- Factory fitted Carbon moving magnet cartridge
- Phenolic resin, flywheel effect platter
- High quality, 24 V low noise synchronous motor
- Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects

- Tonearm: Hand assembled RB110 tonearm
- Cartridge: Factory fitted Carbon moving magnet cartridge
- Motor: 24 V low noise motor
- Platter: Phenolic resin platter
- Dimensions (lid closed) (W x H x D): 447 x 117 x 360 mm
- Weight: 4.2 kg

The io has been designed to offer exceptional Rega performance at an affordable price point. It uses the same amplifier stage as the multi-award winning Brio now designed to run at 30 W per channel into 8 Ω. The io features two line level inputs, a high specification Rega moving magnet phono stage, and a dedicated high quality headphone output. The io will integrate seamlessly into any home audio system whilst remaining simple to use and easy to set up. A must for demonstration.

Because music matters
The io uses the same power amplifier and phono stage as its larger brother, the multi-award winning Brio. The io aims to deliver exceptional sound quality in a smaller and more cost effective package. The class A/B circuit shares its DNA with the rest of Rega’s amplifiers, and as usual, great care has been taken in component selection. Sanken output transistors and an Alps volume potentiometer and a linear power supply that enables an output of 30 watts per channel into 8 Ω. Two line level inputs and a high quality moving magnet phono input are available as sources. There is a headphone output provided on the front of the unit for powering standard hi-fi headphones; this is driven from the power amplifier stage of the unit through relays to avoid signal degradation when headphones are inserted or the product is muted. A new redesigned mini remote handset is included.

- Integrated phono stage
- Headphone socket
- Mini remote control
- All new custom designed chasis
- Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects

- Power Output: 30 W per channel into 8 Ω
- Power Consumption: 135 W
- Inputs: 1 x Phono input, 2 x Line inputs
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 180 x 68 x 290 mm
- Weight: 2.9 kg

Become immersed in the stunningly natural sound of the Kyte loudspeakers system. Meticulously designed to deliver the true Rega sound at an affordable price. Using our own ZRR high frequency unit and a handmade pair of Rega MX-125 bass-mid drivers, this compact bookshelf speaker is designed to complement any hi-fi or audio system.

Experience Rega
Experience the true voice of Rega components with the all new Kyte loudspeaker system. The Kytes are meticulously hand assembled in house using our unique design phenolic resin cabinet. Internally they feature ceramic plates and carefully engineered cross bracing developed to make the cabinet extremely stiff. This prevents unwanted resonances interfering with the accurate output of the drive units and directly improves both dynamics and the bass performance from the speaker. The Kytes are easy to position and are supplied with an optional foot to allow for various positioning giving the user greater flexibility.

- Custom designed phenolic resin cabinets
- Unique ceramic plate & cross brace construction
- Handmade MX-125 bass-mid unit
- Rega designed ZRR high frequency unit
- Bass reflex design, rear ported
- UK designed and manufactured
- Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects

- System: 2 way
- Enclosure Design: Bass reflex, rear ported
- Cabinet Construction: Phenolic resin
- Mid / Bass Unit: Rega MX-125
- Impedance: Nominal 6 Ω
- Sensitivity: 89 dB
- High Frequency Unit: Rega ZRR
- Dimensions (with rear foot fitted) (H x W x D): 325 x 188 x 232 mm
- Weight (each): 3.73 kg
- Power Handling: 80 W per channel (this figure is intended purely as a guide as it depends on the quality of amplifications used).