Luxman L-509Z

Luxman L-509Z

Flagship Integrated Amplifier 2x120W

Luxman L-509Z
Luxman L-509Z
Luxman L-509Z
Luxman L-509Z
Luxman L-509Z
Luxman L-509Z
Luxman L-509Z
Luxman L-509Z
Luxman L-509Z
Luxman L-509Z
Luxman L-509Z
Luxman L-509Z
Luxman L-509Z
Luxman L-509Z
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L-509Z Integrated amplifier
A new flagship pre-main amplifier developed with the ultimate goal of the "one-body separate" concept.
The ultimate form of the “one body separate” concept.
The Z generation of integrated amplifiers reaches a new peak
The new generation Z series flagship L-509Z has evolved into a presence that transcends the concept of integrated amplifiers. Both the preamplifier and power amplifier circuits simultaneously use the new generation amplification feedback engine "LIFES" for the first time. The volume control part is equipped with a new mechanism "LECUA-EX" that suppresses sound quality deterioration and realizes a precise operational feeling. The "one-body separate" concept, which aims to be the ultimate all-in-one amplifier, has reached unprecedented heights. The L-509Z is born, a new pinnacle of integrated amplifiers that pursues the ideal of audio by incorporating a passion for music into its technology.

Version 1.0 , an amplified feedback engine that breathes life into music
By feeding back only the distortion component generated in the amplifier circuit to the main amplifier, Luxman's unique amplifier circuit "ODNF * " realizes excellent static characteristics and provides natural sound quality like a non-feedback system. During the development of the flagship stereo power amplifier M-10X released in 2021, the technical concept remained unchanged, and the circuit structure, which had been enlarged over many years, was rebuilt from scratch, resulting in high sound quality that will be responsible for next-generation components.・Completed the amplification feedback engine "LIFES". The L-509Z is equipped with "LIFES Version 1.0" at the same time in each of the fully discrete pre and power sections. As an integrated amplifier suitable for the concept of "one-body separate" that incorporates the quality of a separate amplifier in a single housing, it has acquired a high-dimensional musicality with an amplifier circuit of unprecedented scale. The final stage adopts a 3-stage Darlington 4-parallel push-pull configuration with bipolar transistors. From 120W + 120W when connected to an 8Ω speaker to 240W + 240W when connected to a 4Ω speaker, it achieves high output and perfect power linearity performance comparable to that of a single power amplifier, realizing a magnificent sound full of energy.

Incorporating a precise rotation mechanism
The volume control function is essential for audio amplifiers. In order to send a music signal at a level suitable for listening to a fixed-gain power amplifier, it is necessary to have a mechanism that smoothly attenuates the voltage while maintaining the quality of the input source. Developed independently by Luxman, LECUA is an electronically controlled attenuator system that switches independently high-quality sound fixed resistors for each channel arranged orderly on the circuit board according to the position of the volume. Since the 80th anniversary control amplifier C-1000f released in 2006, the "LECUA1000", which also integrates the amplifier circuit, has extremely little change in sound quality due to the effects of external vibration and volume position, and is less likely to deteriorate over time. As a volume device, it has been installed in many products and has been matured. The L-509Z combines a high-precision rotary encoder with a newly developed weight rotation mechanism to complete the "LECUA-EX" that achieves even greater reliability and a natural, high-quality feel. With 88 fine steps from 0 to 87 dB, the speed at which the volume knob is turned, and the setting that accelerates the volume increase/decrease by pressing and holding the remote control, you can adjust the volume comfortably and thoroughly with no deterioration in sound quality. made it possible.

Large-capacity, high-inertia power supply environment
The power supply section requires instantaneous current supply and high voltage stability. The L-509Z is equipped with Luxman's traditional high-inertia power supply circuit with a 600VA EI-type custom transformer that boasts high regulation and newly developed large-capacity block capacitors (10,000μF x 8).

High-quality phono amplifier circuit
The high-quality phono equalizer amplifier circuit that supports MM/MC has newly adopted a high/low 2-step gain switch for the MC position in order to support a wider range of cartridges. A mute button is also newly installed on the main unit, supporting high-grade record playback in terms of both operation and sound quality.

3-band tone control
In addition to BASS/TREBLE, the tone control has a new MIDDLE position suitable for adjusting vocals and lead instrument bands. Active control of the tone according to the music was made possible. Functions that enhance convenience such as LR balance, line straight, and loudness are also perfect.

Discerning original technology
The main audio board adopts a peel coat board that eliminates the resist coating that adversely affects sound quality. We stick to our original attention to detail, such as the Beeline construction that configures the circuit with the optimal and shortest route, and the round pattern wiring that realizes smooth signal transmission.

low impedance transmission
A large speaker relay with low resistance is connected in parallel in order to transmit the driving force from the powerful power supply and output circuit. By connecting 3.5㎟ extra-thick wires directly to the speaker terminals, thorough low-impedance transmission was achieved, and a damping factor of 330 (current injection method) was achieved.

Exquisite hairline top panel
The top panel is made of extra-thick aluminum with a fine hairline finish. High heat dissipation is ensured by large ventilation holes that are carefully processed one by one. The bottom is equipped with a large gradation cast iron insulator that protects the main unit from unnecessary external vibrations.

Large needle type meter and 7 segment LED
The large needle-type meter, which is also the design symbol of the semiconductor integrated amplifier series, uses a high-response large unit with white LED lighting. At the center, a new 7-segment LED has been added to display the amount of attenuation, making it possible to check the current volume while at the listening position.

HP output with ground isolation connection
For headphone output, in addition to the standard φ6.3mm jack, a φ4.4mm jack with separate left and right grounds (separate ground connection) has been added. By using headphones with a balanced cable, LR separation and localization are improved, allowing you to enjoy three-dimensional sound.

Abundant high-quality input/output terminals
LINE-1 and 2 use copper alloy RCA terminals that have the same conductivity as copper and the hardness of brass. Two pre-outputs are provided for separate input/output that expands the system. The speaker output is equipped with two large terminals that can be turned on and off independently, and also supports bi-wiring connections.

Aluminum remote control and power cable
A high-grade heavy aluminum remote control that can operate major Luxman SACD/CD players, a 3.5㎟ high-purity oxygen-free copper wire with a unique non-twisted structure, and a gold-plated plug are used exclusively for top-end models. A reference power cable JPA-15000 is included.


- Rated output: 120W+120W (8Ω), 240W+240W (4Ω)

Input sensitivity / input impedance
- PHONO (MM): 2.5mV / 47kΩ
- PHONO (MC-H): 0.3mV / 100Ω
- PHONO (MC-L): 0.1mV / 40Ω
- LINE: 180mV / 47kΩ
- BAL LINE: 180mV / 55kΩ
- MAIN-IN: 1.1V / 47 kΩ

- Output voltage: PRE OUT: 1V
- Frequency characteristic:        PHONO: 20Hz - 20kHz (within ±0.5dB), LINE: 20Hz - 150kHz (within -3.0dB)
- Total harmonic distortion        : 0.006% or less (8Ω, 1kHz), 0.06% or less (8Ω, 20Hz - 20kHz)
- S/N ratio (IHF-A): PHONO (MM): 87 dB or more, PHONO (MC-H):: 70 dB or more, PHONO (MC-L):: 62 dB or more, LINE: 106 dB or more
- Volume control: LECUA-EX
- Amplifier circuit: LIFES 1.0
- Output configuration: Bipolar/4 parallel push-pull

- Power transformer: EI type 600VA
- Damping factor: 330 (by EIAJ current injection method)
- Tone control maximum amount of change        BASS: ±8dB at 100Hz, MIDDLE: ±8dB at 760Hz, TREBLE: ±8dB at 10kHz
- Power-supply voltage: AC100V (50/60Hz)
- Power consumption: 370W (according to the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law), 130W (no signal), 0.4W (standby)
- External dimensions: 440 (width) x 193 (height) x 463 (depth) mm, Depth includes front knob 20mm and rear terminal 37mm
- Weigt: 29.4kg (body), 37.1kg (standard packaging)
- Accessories: Remote control (RA-17A) power cable (JPA-15000: with polarity mark)

- Y-lug terminal dimensions for speaker terminals: Width of part a: 16 mm or less, Width of part b: 7 mm or more, Depending on the shape of the Y-lug terminal, it may not be possible to attach.