Shunyata Research Black Mamba RCA 1M

Shunyata Research Black Mamba RCA 1M

Interconnect RCA 1M /pair

Shunyata Research Black Mamba RCA 1M
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PowerSnakes Signal cable systems evolved over a multi-year research and design cycle. Designer Caelin Gabriel's focus was to create a series of signal products that transcended the performance of cost-no-object products -- without the new-car price tag. The Black Mamba Interconnects and Speaker Cables are the most affordable example of his design mandate. Do not be fooled by their low price, however. Unlike competing products that cut corners at lower-prices, the Black Mamba's exemplify Shunyata's commitment to exceptional material value and performance. Black Mamba Interconnects use Shunyata's own CDA 101 copper and proprietary Cohergenic conductors. As with all PowerSnakes designs, they are treated in Shunyata's own deep-immersion cryogenic tanks with a process unique to Shunyata, termed Alpha Cryo. The applied technologies below have already proven to deliver exceptional performance in PowerSnakes power cable and Hydra designs. Each technology and material is a signature Shunyata innovation that allows Black Mamba Interconnects to achieve industry-leader performance at an ultra-affordable price.

Cohergenic Conductors
The Cohergenic Process creates copper wires that have an inter-molecular alignment through the use of a Shunyata Research developed electromagnetic field treatment during the extrusion of the wire.

Alpha Cryo Process
Shunyata Research cryogenically treats all wire and electrical contacts used in the production of its signal cables. A state-of-the-art computer controlled chamber is used to lower the temperature of the contents to -320 degrees fahrenheit. The exclusive, Shunyata Research developed, Alpha Cryogenic Process uses a proprietary combination of gases to enhance the cryogenic treatment.

CDA-101 Copper
CDA-101 copper is the highest purity copper available in the world. It comes with signed certifications that verify its authenticity and purity. This is the only type of copper that Shunyata Research uses in its electrical products, from signal cables to power cords and power conditioners.

- CDA 101 Copper base metal
- 16 awg. Cohergeic Conductors
- 100% coverage pure copper shield