Mystère CA21 Tube Preamplifier

Mystère CA21

Tube Pre Amplifier

Mystère CA21
Mystère CA21
Mystère CA21
Mystère CA21
Mystère CA21

The ca21’s full-size chassis provides a much larger playground for Mystère’s European engineers. It gives them space, a tremendous advantage for less restrictive designs, for more and improved power supplies, and for the most advantageous wiring positions. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the best route for wires; the more space, the more options—but ultimately, the better the result. With these separates, the results are phenomenal. Like the ca11, the ca21 uses an SRPP (Series Regulated Push-Pull) circuit for high gain, low distortion and very low output impedance by using a variation of the White Cathode Follower. The circuit uses no negative feedback for more natural tonality. It uses a single 5AR4 for rectification followed by a massive pi network consisting of a big inductor, separate left and right channel capacitors, regulator circuits and DC filament supplies. Further improvements are realized by using a larger power transformer and increased power supply filtration. Add this together with high quality, heavy duty, 24-step volume attenuator and fast, wide-band polypropylene caps, point-to-point wiring with rigid copper wire, loosely insulated with silk tubing and you have a linestage preamp second to none.

- Bandwidth 8Hz ... 200kHz @ 47K load
- Noise 104dB wtd-a ref 1V
- Gain 9x = 19dB
- Distortion 0,03% @ 100mV output, 0,03% @ 1V output
- Input imp. 150kOhm
- Output imp. 592 Ohm
- Max. headroom 25dB rel to 1V output = 19V
- Crosstalk -94dB 20Hz – 20kHz
- Net weight 20 kg
- Dimensions 430x420x200mm (lxwxh)
- Tubes: 4 x 6sn7
- Voltage 230V/50Hz
- You can't change the voltage to 110V/60Hz