Leben CS-600X

Leben CS-600X

Tube Integrated Amplifier 2x32 Watt

Leben CS-600X
Leben CS-600X
Leben CS-600X
6.800,00 Price include 21% VAT Price exclude VAT € 5.619,83
Two selections of output tubes: 6l6gc(5881) and optional 6ca7(el34) tubes.
By switching two selectors inside of the cabinet, you can use either of 6l6gc or 6ca7 (el34)
Led indicators on the front panel will show you which tube is applied.
Power Amplifier direct switch & inputs.
- "preamp-in" terminals on the rear panel allow you to use CS-600X as a power amplifier.
- By switching a selector on the front panel, by-pass all the functions only excepting a volume control.
- A wide range of speaker application.
- Multi output impedance selector: 4/6/8/16 ohms.
- Flat and wide frequency response.
- A wide-ranged and flat frequency response upto 100khz is enough capable for future digital audio format such as sacd/hdcd.

Other features
- Twin-triode tube 6cs7 for the first-stage amplification.
- WBT type speaker terminals.
- Heavy-duty output transformer for 50w grade amplifiers.
- Large capacity choke-coil: 5h350ma
- Dumper tube 6cj3 (for colour tv use) is applied to delay a supply of high voltage (b-voltage) to output tubes in order to protect output tubes from damages and to longer the life.
- All high-end audio grade electrical components (condensors, resistors)
- Operation lamp indicator
- Succeeding a front design of cs-300/cs-300x.
- 24k gold-plated knobs.
- Side wood-panels.

Five inputs
- CS-600X is equipped with 5 line inputs(rca unbalanced) plus tape monitor.

Full functions for integrated amp.
1. Power amp direct switch. (all functions by-pass only excepting volume control)
2. Muting switch.
3. Stereo/reverse switch.
4. Variable output impedance: 4/6/8/16 ohms.
5. Tape monitor switch.
6. Bass boost switch.
7. Headphone output.
8. Speaker/headphone selector switch.
9. Tube indicator lamps.
10. Operation lamp indicator.

- Tubes equipped: (4) 6l6gc (5881) sovtek,  (el34/6ca7 - option), (4) 6cs7, (1) 6cj3
- Output power: 32w x 2 (6l6gc) at 1khz., 28w x 2 (el34) at 1khz.
- Frequency response: 10hz - 100khz. (-0.1db)
- Distortion: 0.7%(10w)
- Input sensitivity: 900mv at 20w
- Output impedance: 4/6/8/16 ohms (selectable)
- Weight: 22.5 kgs.
- Dimensions: 450 (w) x 360 (d) x 142 (h) mm
- Attachment: Detachable ac power cable x 1

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