Luxman AS-45
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Luxman AS-45

HighEnd Line Selector

Luxman AS-45
Luxman AS-45
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The AS-45 is capable of switching the audio for up to four equipment , it is a passive high-quality audio selector of RCA pin plug type. The aluminium casing is made of high rigidity, wiring material adopted 6N (99.99997% copper) wire information loss is less pure, such as the RCA jacks use high-purity gold-plated type, grade configuration that is comparable to high-end separate amplifier. There is no compromise in consideration of the sound quality. CD player or tuner, as well as the source selector to switch the source, such as D / A converter, you can even use one of the source as an amplifier selector to be shared by switching in multiple amplifiers.

- High quality Luxman AS-45 Channel Selectors with up to 4 inputs into amplifier or 1 source to 4 outputs
- Uses only the highest quality components such as 6N wires reducing information loss to the minimal (99.99997% copper)
- Featuring high-quality gold-plated terminals and discrete wiring to ensure highest sound quality

- Dimensions (HxWxD): 71 x 370 x 136 mm
- Weight: 2.4kg