Sonus Faber Lumina V Walnut

Sonus Faber Lumina V Walnut

Floorstanding speaker, 3-way Lumina Series /pair

Sonus Faber Lumina V Walnut
Sonus Faber Lumina V Walnut
Sonus Faber Lumina V Walnut
Sonus Faber Lumina V Walnut
Sonus Faber Lumina V Walnut
Sonus Faber Lumina V Walnut
Sonus Faber Lumina V Walnut
Sonus Faber Lumina V Walnut
Sonus Faber Lumina V Walnut
Sonus Faber Lumina V Walnut
Sonus Faber Lumina V Walnut
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We have only 1 pair available in Walnut
Factory Closed Boxes

The Lumina collection by Sonus faber presents an exciting change, new to the typical Sonus faber product design portfolio but still able to embody the history and values of the brand. “Simplicity” is central to the collection’s identity that aims to reach a wide audience and to deliver a luxury music experience in all Sonus faber homes, which is facilitated through our longstanding tradition of refined materials and careful craftsmanship.

The simple and squared design of the Lumina models was chosen to emphasize the quality of materials used. This principal of minimalism directly captures the essence of the product, thoughtfully designed in conjunction with the theory that “less is more”. The Lumina collection boasts the core values of Sonus faber and the use of its iconic materials, including leather, natural composition of drivers, and real multilayer wood available in Walnut and Wenge wood with Maple inlay matte and Piano Black glossy finishes. All items pay tribute to out historic heritage and are made in Italy. The collection is offered at an accessible price point without compromising sound performance, empowering everyone to enjoy a true Sonus faber experience.

A complete HomeCinema systemto enjoy your time
The Lumina Collection is obviously perfect for stereo listening. If you’re looking to get more out of your system, Lumina is also an ideal protagonist for a multi-channel system. Providing more emphasis and substance to action scenes, dialogues and soundtracks, Lumina perfectly pairs with the Gravis subwoofer models, which feature matching finishes and materials. Lumina and Gravis combine to create a 5.1 Home Theater system that offers a rich, articulated sound that provides possibilities for growth and modification tailored to your space and listening needs.

For those wishing to optimize their home space even more, Sonus faber’s Palladio collection of custom-installation speakers offer discreet paintable grills, refined with fine finishes to match any listening environment. Designing a comprehensive Sonus faber multi-channel system has never been more accessible with the Lumina, Gravis and Palladio lines offering endless possibilities that result in a natural sound experience through a clean and beautiful design.

It is the flagship three-way floor standing model in the collection. Lumina V a slender speaker, with high power handling and fast transient response, capable of producing a natural, generous and emotional sound for an immersive listening experience. The Lumina V is rich with new electro-acoustic solutions.


- 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker system.
- Vented box design.

- Tw: Ø 29mm high definition DAD™ driver
- Md: Ø 150mm paper cone driver
- W: Ø 2x165mm cone drivers. Sandwich diaphragm structure

- Optimized amplitude/phase response for optimal space/time performance “Hybrid IFF-Paracross solution”. Crossover frequencies: 260 and 2600 Hz.

- 38 Hz – 24.000 Hz

- 89 dB SPL (2.83V/1m)

- 4 ohm

- 50W – 300W, undistorted signal

- 1049 x 280 x 372,6 mm
- 4,13 x 11 x 14,7 in

- 22,5 Kg
- 49,6 lb