Quad ESL2812

Quad ESL2812

Electrostatic Loudspeakers /pair

Quad ESL2812
Quad ESL2812
Quad ESL2812
Quad ESL2812
Quad ESL2812
Quad ESL2812
Quad ESL2812
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ESL 2812 is the first model in the ESL Series. Quad's patented panel technology results in a combination of the speed and accuracy only possible from an electrostatic loudspeaker; together with the imaging and sound-staging only possible from a theoretically ideal point source; and the coherence and continuity of a single drive unit. With possibly the lowest distortion of any loudspeaker, the ESL can be enjoyed for hours on end without fatigue; never adding or subtracting from the original recording. Even at low volume levels, they retain the full detail and drama of the music.

- Overload safety
- Electrostatic Panels
- Very low distortion elements
- Crossover free sound reproduction  

- Format   Floor Standing Dipole With 3° Fixed Tilt
- Type    Multiple electrostatic drive membranes
- Time Delay   Progressive Concentric Rings
- Chassis Structure Heavy Duty Composite Aluminium / Steel
- Panel Elements   4
- Maximum Output   2 N/m2 at 2m On Axis
- Sensitivity   1.5 mbar Per Volt Referred To 1m  (86dB/2.83V rms Equivalent)
- Nominal Impedance   8 Ohms
- Impedance Variation   4 - 15 Ohms
- Maximun Input   Continuous Input Voltage (rms): 10V Programme Peak For Undistorted Output: 40V Permitted Peak Input:55V
- Frequency Response   37Hz - 21kHz (-6dB)  33Hz - 23kHz (useable)
- Directivity Index   See Polar Diagrams
- Distortion (100dB @ 1m)   Above 1000Hz <0.15%, Above 100Hz <0.5%, Above 50Hz <1.0%  
- AC Input   220 - 240V, 110 -120V, 100V
- Power Fuse   63mA anti-surge, 200 -240V, 100mA anti-surge, 100 - 120V
- Power Consumption   6W
- Dimensions (H x W x D)   1070 x 690 x 380 (mm)
- Net Weight   35kg