HRT Music Streamer II

HRT HeadStreamer

HRT HeadStreamer
HRT HeadStreamer
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The HRT HeadStreamer is the latest product in the growing line of single mission high performance USB DAC from HRT.  The new HeadStreamer is the ideal product for those who listens to music through a computer via headphones and would like to significantly improve the sound quality of their music when compared with the analogue output from the computer.  The HeadStreamer's compact size and light weight also make it extremely portable, so for the first time music lovers can enjoy extremely high quality music playback on the road, in a plane, or anywhere else they take their computers.  Like the HRT Music Streamers, the HeadStreamer uses asynchronous transfer protocol to provide jitter free operation at 24bit/96kHz resolution and is bus powered. The difference between the Music Streamers and the new Headstraeamer is the on-board analogue attenuator and headphone amplifier, in place of the line level outputs.

- Asynchronous USB
- 24 bit / 96 kHz capability
- Sample Rate / Mute LED Indicators
- High Performance Headphone Amplifier
- Digitally Controlled Analog Attentuator (under host control)
- HRT 1/2 meter USB cable and black velvet carry pouch
- 61mm x 25mm x 76mm
- 89g