Shunyata Research Venom-X EF

Shunyata Research Venom-X EF

Venom-X Power Cord 1,75M - C15 connector

Shunyata Research Venom-X EF
Shunyata Research Venom-X EF
Shunyata Research Venom-X EF
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Extreme Flexibility By Design
Despite its reasonable price, the VENOM-X EF power cable is the most finely calibrated power cable in Shunyata Research’s storied history. Already known for its heavy-gauge, lightweight and flexible power cables, Shunyata Research designed the VENOM-X EF to take flexibility and ease of use to an unprecedented level. Sporting massive 10 gauge VTX-Ag conductors, the VENOM-X EF was designed to fit comfortably within any tight spaces or to navigate any sharp angle.
The elegant, pure-copper flat CopperCONN® IEC connector allows the VENOM-X EF power cable to seamlessly attach to any space constrained or obstructed IEC connection, while maintaining impressive contact integrity through its solid tellurian copper pins. Shunyata Research applied its highest performance fluorocarbon dielectrics to finish a design that offers material refinement, performance and ease-of-use benefits that go beyond any competing product in the VENOM-X EF price range.

Ideal applications will include any component or system that has space or flexibility challenges. The VENOM-X EF power cable will work equally well with amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, analog components and DACs. Due to their stunning flexibility, VENOM-X EF power cables are also ideal for tight-fitting rack or system areas where space and cable dressing are of premium importance.

The VENOM-X EF power cable will immediately impress with its energetic, tonally nuanced performance on a wide range of electronics. In terms of performance, The VENOM-X EF delivers sound with a directness and effortless dynamic ease. Timing in sound is notably improved. This is realized as an increase in dynamic range and perceived loudness without a hint of added strain or edge. VENOM-X EF power cables add a sense of immediacy and “liveliness” to sound while maintaining an even-handed, natural tone that invites the listener in to hear more of what any system or component has to offer.

Many audiophile grade connectors are made from brass or bronze. While some may get a plating of silver, gold or rhodium, the majority of the current is carried by the contact’s base-metal. ‌CopperCONN® connectors contain pure copper contacts which has a much higher conductivity that brass. The difference in performance is clearly audible.
Shunyata’s VTX-Ag cables are uniquely constructed with both an inner, center conductor made of pure silver and an outer concentric ring conductor made of pure copper. It’s made using the finest fluorocarbon insulation to minimize dielectric absorption and re-radiation which translates to an improvement in resolution and clarity. VTX-Ag delivers the speed and clarity of silver and the midrange warmth and three dimensional power in the lower octaves of copper without imparting any of the negatives associated with either metal. – The best qualities of silver and copper combined

Fluorocarbon Dielectrics
Fluorocarbon dielectrics are usually only found in wire used in the aerospace industry, satellites and only the most expensive audiophile cabling. It has special electrical characteristics; very low dielectric absorption, high dielectric strength and exceptional heat resistance. When used in audio and power cables is reduces the perception of dynamic compression and it improves sonic low-level resolution and clarity.

Crystal clear transient detail.

- Wire: 10 gauge VTX-Ag
- Dielectric: fluorocarbon

- Connectors: CopperCONN EF-C15
- Standard Length: 1.75 meters
- KPIP Processing: 4-days

Safety Assurance
- Continuity and Polarity Tests – by two technicians
- HiPOT Tests for each cable
- Cable spools tested for insulation breakdown @ 4,000 VAC