Shunyata Research Delta EF C19 1,75M

Shunyata Research Delta EF C19 1,75M

Extreme Flexible Power Cord (MM)

Shunyata Research Delta EF C19 1,75M
Shunyata Research Delta EF C19 1,75M
Shunyata Research Delta EF C19 1,75M
Shunyata Research Delta EF C19 1,75M
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Complete Customizattion
The Delta Series interconnects inherit all of the fine features from the Venom Series including the exotic Ohno copper conductors. Their performance is notably enhanced with advanced fluorocarbon dielectrics, larger VTXTM hollowcore conductors and superior connectors terminated using Shunyata Research’s high-tech sonic-welding process. KPIPTM, or Kinetic Phase Inversion
Process, makes its first appearance in the Delta Series. KPIPTM is not just another break-in box; rather, it is a truly advanced process that goes beyond simple burn-in and literally conditions conductors, making time consuming burn-in a thing of the past. KPIPTM dramatically elevates the performance of all products to which it is applied. The combined effects of the features found in Delta Series cables delivers a significant improvement in resolution, clarity and coherency. Delta Series cables may represent the sweet-spot in the Shunyata line-up with an exceptional price-to-performance ratio.

Delta EF Power Cord : Ultimate Flexibility
The EF Series are specialty power cables designed for electronics that have obstructed power-inlet entries. Many entertainment systems are installed in custom cabinetry that require exceptional flexibility and compact connectors for easy routing through small openings. Shunyata Research has created the CopperCONN® EF-C15 power connector that features a compact physical size and yet retains all the capabilities of Shunyata’s full-sized CopperCONN® connectors. It has high grip, pure copper contacts and oversized contacts to accept 8 gauge wire without ‘downsizing’ the wire. The Delta EF and Alpha EF power cables offer near reference level performance with exceptional ease of use and flexibility.

Delta EF
The Delta EF power cord has the same VTXTM conductors used in the Delta NR and includes CopperCONN® plugs. It features a custom designed and built Shunyata Research connector that is smaller, allowing connections to obstructed AC inlets. Delta EF does not include noise reduction.

- WIRE OFE 10 gauge, VTXTM geometry
- TERMINATION Connectors: EF-C15, C19; Plugs: US, EU, AU, UK and Swiss.