L`art Du Son Magnifier & Stylus Brush

L`art Du Son Magnifier & Stylus Brush

Magnifier & Stylus cleaning brush /set

L`art Du Son Magnifier & Stylus Brush
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It is important to regularly inspect your cartridge stylus for optimum performance, regular checks will let you see debris buildup on the stylus tip. The L'Art Du Son Magnifier Set comes in a convenient pouch and includes a double ended white bristled brush for wet and dry cleaning of your Stylus. It is designed for use with the L'Art Du Son's world renowned record cleaning fluid. Simply turn on the LED lights and sit the magnifier set on your turntable and align the cartridge arm through the hole. The LED lights up the needle for cleaning and the gauge marks on the sides help identify the correct azimuth alignment of your cartridge with the plinth.

- 2 x LED lights to highlight the tip
- Solid metal construction
- Folds up and fits in supplied pouch
- Perfect for any vinyl enthusiast