Lavardin ISx Reference

Lavardin ISx Reference

Integrated Amplifier

Lavardin ISx Reference
Lavardin ISx Reference
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The tour de force : The Model IS is a full width design with unrivaled Lavardin Technology, build quality and design philosophy, in particular the circuits and components which virtually eliminate the effects of memory distortion .
The exceptional dynamics of the Model IS will definitely bring you closer to the music and give you a purity and clarity that no other amplifier, even those far outside its price range, can achieve. You will find it hard to believe that its power output is only 35w, so powerful are the transients. Also hard to believe is its nuanced and silky rendition, which is usually only possible with single-ended tube amplifiers.

- Reference Special suspended PSU
- Inputs: 4 on gold plated high quality cinch connector
- Input impedance: 10Kohms
- Input sensibility: 330 millivolts
- Line output: factory option
- MM phono input: factory option  
- Input selection: sealed relays
- Relay contact: gold, silver, palladium alloy  
- Output power: 2x45 W RMS on 8 Ohms
- Output impedance: nominal 8 Ohms
- Harmonic distortion: 0,005% @ max output
- Technology: High Speed and low Memory Distortion Solid State Circuits Lavardin Technologies Design
- Size: (mm) H 80 L 430 P 340
- Finish: Black anodised and painted non magnetic high-grade aluminium
- Weight 6,5 Kg net (13 lbs)
- Power consumption: 32 watts idle ; 180 watts maximum

Optional features

Today's digital sources musical drama is the use of their digital volume control, remote controled or not. It simply destroys musicality what ever the price of the DAC, server or computer.Now, for a much better sound, simply set both DAC and computer at full level and set the volume thanks to the Lavardin amplifier remote handset.

To get the full magic of vinyl reproduction, Model ISx can be fitted with our exceptional internal phono moving magnet input module.
Further more, the direct connection to the heart of the amplifier guaranties better sonic results than any external devices.

Free option when ordering your Model ISx Reference

For integration of a Surround Processor into High End Audio System, Model ISx can have an optional BYPASS input (input 1) with fixed amplification fitted. For ultimate quality, both AV and stereo signals are routed directly without any additional bypass switch nor relay !.