Creaktiv Systems Hybrid CD-Optimizer Granit

Optimizing the sound of CD and DVD's

Creaktiv Systems Hybrid CD-Optimizer Granit
Creaktiv Systems Hybrid CD-Optimizer Granit
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The Hybrid CD Optimizer restructures and informs media and cables that are put on for approx. 10-20 seconds. Demagnetization and anti-static treatment are thus superfluous.
Electromagnetic eddies also arise in electrical and magnetic fields, glass panes, underfloor heating and especially in mirrors. These eddies are concentrated where they arise (stationary eddies), including on all hi-fi components. Our psychoacoustic research has shown in experiments that these electromagnetic eddies directly affect hearing. The hybrid optimizers developed by creaktiv Systems are able to dissolve the disturbing eddies through the ci2p technology (creaktiv integrated information process) specially developed with Gabriel Tech and thus create a better, more natural environment for hi-fi devices as well as for music perception create.