Isotek Mains Noise Analyser

Isotek Mains Noise Analyser

Mains Noise Analyser

Isotek Mains Noise Analyser
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Marja and Henk have posted a review of the Blue Horizon mains noise analyzer at 6moons. Their conclusions:
“From this we conclude that power issues/component interactions remain puzzling and not at all straightforward. What we learnt is that a dedicated regenerated and filtered power zone like the PS Audio PPP and similar gear offer works best. Having our system run that way the Blue Horizon Noise Analyser showed all zeros and no noise. Sonically this translated to the most realistic images with shockwave transients and clean decays. The other thing we learnt is that the Noise Analyser is mandatory for reviewers. For consumers at least their dealer ought to have one and loan it to them or come over and do an analysis. Simply selling and installing a regenerator/filter is not enough. Component interaction will play funny and unexpected tricks. Those can be eliminated by trial and error but need confirmation with an analyzer.

Critics may protest that it remains unclear what exactly the analyzer measures and whether the measured noise really has a detrimental effect on our hifi sound. The first is very true. Only a very expensive electrical analyzer can determine what rides on the power line and what causes it. Regarding the latter, in our case eliminating the cleaning agent of PPP and instead relying on ‘pure’ wall power simply killed the music. What we’d still like to see for this mains analyser is a volume control because some noise can get very loud; and an adapter by way of a male IEC so that power cords too can be assessed.”


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