Miyajima Kotetu 33RPM
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Miyajima Kotetu 33RPM

Monaural MC Low Output Cartridge

Miyajima Kotetu 33RPM
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The cartridge release for exclusive use of the monaural LP of a new method

We deny an existing monaural cartridge so far.
The existing structure is because I cannot play a monaural LP faithfully. And we made a cartridge for exclusive use of the monaural LP with a vertical axis concentration method. The cartridge of the vertical axis concentration method plays a monaural LP faithfully.

The monaural cartridge developed in the monaural music times is made to play only a monaural LP.
The cartridge of the monaural music times does not work lengthwise, and it is made with the structure that can trace the amplitude by the movement of the cross direction precisely. I evolved a monaural cartridge of the time more, and a cartridge for exclusive use of new monaural recording was born.

Why is a monaural cartridge necessary in the present age?
There are a lot of monaural LPs to excellent records such as classical music, jazz, a lock. When I look for the LP of the excellent performance, monaural recording knows a thing more than the half. And I want to come to listen to a monaural LP by a good sound. There are people purchasing a monaural cartridge easily. And there are people playing a monaural LP with an existing monaural cartridge and stereo cartridge. The people feel a monaural LP like an old sound by the influence of the cartridge. And an image is left as an old LP. In fact, the monaural LP has better sound than the stereo LP. The reason is simple. It is natural that a sound is better than the stereo LP to put two signals in as for the monaural LP which installs one signal in one ditch.

I made "Kotetu" to reduce a price, but it is the product of the sound quality serious consideration. "Kotetu" is structure same as a "Spirit" "Premium" of the vertical axis concentration method. The person with "Kotetu" can listen to a monaural LP by a good sound.

- Weight:  About 8.8g
- Rated needle pressure: 3.0 - 4.5g, recommended 3.5g
- Impedance: About 4Ohm (About 0.5mV output)
- Stylus Shape: 0.7 mil conical