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Grado RA1

Battery Powered Headphone Amplifier

Grado RA1
Grado RA1
Grado RA1
Grado RA1
Grado RA1
Grado RA1
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After years of relying on other equipment to drive Grado headphones, you can now listen and enjoy headphones through our new Grado Reference Headphone Amp, the RA1. Designed for state-of-the-art performance and specifically to play Grados, the new RA1 will allow you to hear your headphones like never before. This new amp is machined from a solid block of mahogany and measures 5" wide, 5 1/2" deep and 1 1/2" tall and weighs in at 12 oz. The RA1 is available in an AC version or can be powered by two 9-Volt batteries that will drive the amp for 40 to 50 hours of listening pleasure. And the sound? Just like all Grados: warm, smooth, full-bodied, non-fatiguing and rich. Hook it up to any line source (portable or in-home) and drive your Grado headphones to their full potential.


"Listening to my RS1's through the Grado RA1 headphone amp is like listening to a live performance, it puts you right there."
Mark Rivera, Saxophonist with the Billy Joel Band

"This is such a nice job of product engineering by John Grado, I think it earns a nomination for "Dudely Product of the Year Award.""
Charles (His Dudeliness) Hollander, Positive Feedback

"With the Grado Reference RA1 handling the amplification, music was rendered truer, clearer, and more life-like than I had ever imagined was possible."
Willie Gluckstern, Audio Magazine

"When paired with the high-quality RS1 headphones, the RA1 delivers music that is clearer and more life-like than most speakers."
Jason Alexander, Satellite Direct

"The RA1 offers excellent value for money, and does a fine job powering phones from Sennheiser, Shure and Ultimate Ears. It does especially well with Grado 'phones and does not embarrass itself next to state of the art components."
Phil Gold / Inner Ear Magazine

"With a tube-like rendering of timbre and a sweet, relaxed sound, the Grado RA-1 makes extended headphone listening a joy. Although battery-driven, the RA-1 is more at home in your equipment rack or on your desk than out on the road. A beautiful wooden case finishes off this gem."
Reviewed By Robert Harley / Absolute Sound