Siltech Ruby Mountain II
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Siltech Ruby Mountain II

Power Cable Pure G7 silver-gold 1M

3.992,00 Price include 21% VAT Price exclude VAT € 3.299,17

Unbelievable effective cable for reducing the noise of your entire system.
Completely silent over the entire audio range starting at 0.0001 Hz to 50000Hz.

- Connectors in: AC EUR/UK/US Furutech Gold
- Connectors out: IEC 10A Furutech Gold

The state-of-the-art Signature Series™ have been the star of the Siltech product line for years now. The Royal Signature Series™ combine all the latest technology in metallurgy, insulation materials and construction techniques. Every Royal Signature Series™ cable incorporates this unique combination and ensures an unmatched performance in the soundstage of your imagination. Siltech’s goal has always been to get as close to the original audio recording or Blu-ray movie as possible. With the Royal Signature Series™ you delve deep into the musical soul while, at the same time, keep the audio and video signal clean and free from the noise that divides and distracts you from your music and images. In today’s digital age, this is vital. Building on a 28 year tradition of legendary predecessors like FTM3, FT12, SQ-88-Gold, LS-288-Gold and The Emperor, the most demanding audiophiles can rely on Siltech to supply cables of the very finest quality.
Every Royal Signature Series™ cable is a masterpiece of technology. Every type is shaped in Siltech’s authentic yet distinctive style. Siltech’s research embodies hi-tech metallurgy like G7 (Silver-Gold) and S8 (Mono Crystal Silver), advanced insulation technology and precision construction techniques. The Royal Signature Series™, a truly musical and ultimately revealing reference. Available in eight grades of interconnect cables and five loudspeaker cables, two grades of power cords, three grades of digital cables, FireWire cables and USB cables..