PrimaLuna Tube KT150 Silver Label
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PrimaLuna Tube KT150 Silver Label

Tube, only for the ProLogue Premium, DiaLogue Premium, and DiaLogue Premium HP series

PrimaLuna Tube KT150 Silver Label
170.00 Prices include 21% VAT
PrimaLuna PTS™ - Premium Tube Selection™

PrimaLuna SilverLabel tubes
As you all know, all PrimaLuna models come standard with Chinese tubes with silver color PrimaLuna brandname and logo: what we call the PrimaLuna SilverLabel tubes. If we say “standard” PrimaLuna SilverLabel tubes we don’t mean to say that we just offer what comes on our way in the market. Our “standard” PrimaLuna SilverLabel tubes are pre-selected using our simple 60 out of 100 rule and as such, are already “special” when compared to other standard tubes on the market. Out of 100 tubes which have passed the final quality control from the manufacturer, we are allowed to select and keep the 60 best pieces. The other 40, which are in no way defective (these just do not belong to the best 60), go back to the manufacturer with the strict agreement that these tubes will not be supplied to us in any future batch. This way we always have the best tubes out of the most recent production.