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Dynamyte Series — Music Streamer, Music Engine, Amplifers, FM Tuners
The Dynamyte series was developed so Magnum Dynalab could expand its traditional product base of Analogue tuners, receivers and integrated amplifiers into leading edge new product offerings including pre-amplifiers, Digital audio convertors, multi media music streamers, power amplifiers, phono stages and new digital broadcast tuners. We wanted to offer great sounding products, many featuring our TRACC triode tube audio stages, in a miniature form factor that was cost effective for our customers. We had heard over the years how our customer were running out of room to put more equipment and since we ship worldwide many consumers don’t have the same space in their homes that we do in North America.

Music Engine & Streamer
The Dynamyte product also has to be very feature relevant to be viable and attract a younger or more tech savvy consumer. So this means that every product has its own LCD touch screen and that many of the units can be controlled from your smart phone or tablet. As well they will feature dual zone Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity for control and playback of compatible sources. So Dynamyte won’t just give you one streaming service on our Music Engine and Music Audio Streamer but virtually every leading service so you get Tidal, Roon, Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz and MQA for master quality playback. Also you get the world’s leading internet tuning server V-Tuner built in so you get over 10,000 internet radio stations and podcasts. The Dynamyte also has to be adaptable for our customer not just with the finish options but with features. So if you like our MDT-1PE preamplifier but also want an FM or DAB digital tuner added on we can do this for a marginal upgrade fee. This lets you customize the unit at a fraction of the cost to add the individual components. Take our new Hybrid tube amplifier the MDT-1 AMP power amp. You can buy this as a straight power amp in stereo or mono, you can order it with the pre-amp as an integrated amplifier, you can add the digital tuner and make it a receiver and then you can also add the DAC. So we hope you can see the promise that the Dynamyte series offers. The Dynamyte series is designed by our audio engineer, Zdenko Zivkovic, and is built in our Brampton, Ontario, Canada factory so you can depend on the sound quality that Magnum Dynalab is famous for.