M2Tech Young MKIV
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M2Tech Young MKIV

High Resolution Digital-to-Analog Converter and Preamplifier

M2Tech Young MKIV
M2Tech Young MKIV
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The Young MkIV gives you total control of the music flowing from your sources to the amplifier and then to the speakers. With a wealth of input channels and extensive control options, you have always full command on your audio system, with the greatest confidence that the quality of the original music material is delivered to the speakers without any detriment. Whether your source is a computer, a smartphone, a DVD player or a turntable, the Young MkIV delivers a crisp and alive analog sound at its outputs, to drive any amplifier at best. You control it by the front panel encoder, using the remote control or by your Android smartphone via the same wireless connection which allows you to stream audio. Streaming lovers will enjoy the high quality ensured by MQA©, while smartphone users will take advantage of aptX©.

M2Tech has adopted MQA to support master quality playback and streaming. MQA is an innovative encoding algorithm that captures the original master sound quality; ‘folds’ the file into a smaller size for easy streaming or download; and authenticates the file when it plays back on an MQA-enabled device. M2Tech recognizes the sonic and technical advantages of MQA, therefore all M2Tech DAC products will include MQA in their format decoding pool.


- Analog single-ended (RCA)
- Optical (Toslink)
- USB 2.0 high speed
- Bluetooth©
- I2S (HDMI, PS Audio standard)

- Analog balanced (XLR)
- Analog single-ended (RCA)
- Trigger (jack 3.5mm)

Sample frequencies
- PCM 44.1kHz to 768kHz
- DoP 64X to 256X
- Native DSD 64x to 512x

- PCM resolution: 16 bits to 32 bits
- Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 122dBA (single-ended and balanced)
- THD+N: 0.0008% @ 5Vrms out balanced

Output Voltage
- 2.5Vrms or 5Vrms (single-ended)
- 5Vrms or 10Vrms (balanced)
- 5.5Vrms (headphones)
- 12VDC (trigger)

Output impedance: 100 Ohms (single-ended), 200 Ohms (balanced)

Input impedance
- 47 kOhms (analog)
- 75 Ohms (SPDIF)
- 110 Ohms (AESEBU)
- 100 Ohms (I2S)

- Supply voltage: 15VDC
- Power Consumption: 5.7W (operational) 0.15W (standby)
- Size: 200x200x50mm (wxdxh)
- Weight: net 2kg (including ancillaries) gross 2.5kg