Harbeth Super HL5plus - 40th Anniversary Edition - Walnut
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Harbeth Super HL5plus - 40th Anniversary Edition - Walnut

Limited Editions Anniversary Monitor loudspeaker - pair

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Along with our flagship, the M40.2, a limited edition model of our much-loved Super HL5plus speaker is now available in walnut, in celebration of our 40th anniversary. This model also features; the latest WBT-nextgen binding posts, a new-look super-tweeter with protection bar and Harbeth branded British-made audio grade poly capacitors. Each speaker will include the Harbeth 40th anniversary limited edition front and back badges, as well as a metallic black and gold anniversary grille badge. In addition to this, the SHL5plus anniversary model also includes custom bi-wire links; custom Harbeth internal cables. Each celebratory model will also be packaged in our new Harbeth branded cotton bags.

6Moons High Fidelity magazine, Poland
Hi-Fi Pig
Hi-Fi Choice
Stereo Times magazine

A sonic "Tardis" that fills the room space completely... the definitive Hi-fi speaker for the 21st Century. If it were a Michelin Chef, it would be given a 5 stars and a Rosette!
Robert Edwards, TV Sound Directo

Harbeth's Super HL5plus produces breathtaking transparency, a huge soundstage and total immersion in the performance. This speaker creates a rich bass and sweet midrange that brings acoustic music alive. This is the latest generation of Dudley Harwood's original HL-Monitor: the cabinet is still engineered in the BBC tradition of removable 'thin-wall' panels for a totally true-to-life sound. Retaining the classic 'two cubic foot' proportions found in the very best BBC monitors, the HL5plus relies on the exclusive Harbeth-made 200mm RADIAL2™ bass/mid driver. This produces a big, warm and powerful sound that underpins the incredible midband clarity. The 25mm main tweeter is augmented by a 20mm SuperTweeter for an extended and even dispersion to the upper edge of the audio band.

- Transducer system: 3-way vented: 200mm Harbeth RADIAL2� bass/mid; 25mm Ferro-cooled done tweeter, 20mm dome SuperTweeter        
- Freq. response: 40Hz-20kHz +/-3dB free-space, grille on, smooth off-axis response        
- Impedance: 6 ohms easy to drive.        
- Sensitivity: 86dB/1W/1m        
- Amp. suggestion: Works with a wide range of amplifiers, ideally from 25W/channel.        
- Power handling: 150W programme        
- Dimensions (hxwxd): 635 x 322 x 300mm (+12mm for grille and binding posts)
- Space needs        Overall response optimised for use away from walls.        
- Stands: To bring ears level with tweeters: typically 16-20 inches. (Tweeter: 475mm up from cabinet base)        
- Weight: 15.8kg each, unpacked        
- Packing: Single speaker per protective carton