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Biologa Danell Shielded Salt Crystal Lamp

Natural Electro Smog Ionizer

Biologa Danell Shielded Salt Crystal Lamp
Biologa Danell Shielded Salt Crystal Lamp
Biologa Danell Shielded Salt Crystal Lamp
Biologa Danell Shielded Salt Crystal Lamp
119,00 Price include 21% VAT Price exclude VAT € 98,35
Salt Crystal Table Lamp for reducing low-frequency electric and magnetic alternating fields.

Quick Overview
- Shielded power cord
- Fully shielded lamp
- 4 Gabriel-Tech Chips
- Highest durability of the salt crystal
- Generates negative ions to harmonize electric fields
- Improves audio and video experience
- Highly recommended near computers and in any bedroom
- Power cable length 2 m
- Power consumption 15 Watts
- Weight Between 4 and 6 kg
- Sizes 18 cm circumferential, around 24 cm high

The most natural ionisator
The salt crystal, full of minerals, is of natural origin and is the most precious natural salt known. Unlike cheaper models, this salt is extremely durable and will last your entire lifetime. These lamps have a double function: on one hand, because of their ionising effect and on the other hand because of the color of the light. Audio/video lovers already noticed that especially the screened ones have a positive influence on the audio/video experience. Unfortunately, most people don't know a standard salt crystal lamp destroys most of its own positive properties because of its huge electrical and magnetical fields. That's why our salt crystal lamps are different: they have a shielded cable, a shielded lamp holder and even a stainless spiral spring around the light bulb to screen this bulb. On the base 2 Gabriel-Tech GDL30 Chips are attached. On the lamp and lamp holder a Creaktiv Systems Mini Tuning Chip are attached. The sum of these measures results in a dramatic reduction of the electric field around the lamp from 100-160 V/m to just 0.4-0.6 V/m. That's over 250 times less!!! Each salt crystal is hand mined and has a unique shape and color. In addition to the aesthetical value it has a beneficial influence on our work- and living space. It has a relaxing and calming effect.

Ionising effect
The air we breathe not only contains the main elements like oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, it contains a number of small charged particles also: ions. Ideal air is balanced and thus contains an equal number of negative and positive ions. The larger part of our lives we are in closed rooms, mainly filled with positive ions, coming from air conditioners, equipment, computers, television, sigarettes and other polluting elements. Our performance and the feeling of well being is strongly influenced by the air we breathe. The material of the salt crystal lamp creates balanced air by emitting negative ions. They create the fresh feeling of breathing air when at the sea or high in the mountains. Multiple studies have showed that a shortage in negative ions in the air can be the cause of fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, lethargy, migraine, stress... These salt crystal lamps will provide the necessary "air vitamins" (we surely can describe negative ions as such) and with their help we'll feel sound and fit.

What will those air vitamins do?
- They produce the "happines hormone"
- They will strengthen your immunity
- Will expel despondency, depression and fear