EAT Cool Valve ECC88S Selected
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EAT Cool Valve ECC88/6DJ8 Selected

Tube ECC88S with Cool Damper

EAT Cool Valve ECC88/6DJ8 Selected
EAT Cool Valve ECC88/6DJ8 Selected
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The EAT ECC88 is a special quality double triode.
The tube satisfi es the specifi cations in accordance with MIL-E-1/1J168 (NAVY) from 18.6.1958.

Tight tolerances
In these tubes the tolerance of electrical ratings are reduced in comparision with standard tubes.

Vibration and shock proof
The tube withstands accelerationns of 2,5 g at 50Hz for lenghty periods and momentary shocks of 500g for short periods.

Cathode free from Interface
The cathode establishes no interface even in case where the heated tube is operated without plate current over lenghty periods.

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