Audioquest Dragon GroundGoody

Audioquest Dragon GroundGoody

RF-Dissipating Ground Wire

Audioquest Dragon GroundGoody
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Featuring extreme-purity Solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS) conductors and RF/ND-Tech, Dragon GroundGoody can be combined with nearly any analog interconnect cable to create a low-distortion phono cable.

Key Features
- Solid conductors prevent strand-interaction, a major source of dynamic distortion in cables.
- AudioQuest's highest-quality metal. Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS) minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries and maximizes linear RF Noise-Dissipation.
- RF/ND-Tech minimizes circuit misbehavior by cancelling induced RF noise.
- All conductors controlled for RF-noise directionality.
- Weight: 0.15 lb


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