Audio Research DAC9 V3

Audio Research DAC9 V3

Foundation Vacuum Tube DAC

Audio Research DAC9 V3
Audio Research DAC9 V3
Audio Research DAC9 V3
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The DAC9 digital-to-analog converter decodes most current formats with state-of-the-art vacuum tube technology. Five digital connections - USB, RCA, BNC, AES/EBU, and Toslink - provide connectivity to all of your digital sources. Quad DAC architecture provides a balanced digital signal, wide dynamic range, and decoding resolutions from red book CD up to 384 kHz and native DSD sampling rates. A pair of 6H30 vacuum tubes are the heart of the analog circuit. Both balanced and single-ended connectors are provided for output connectivity. Native-rate upsampling and selectable digital filters allow customization of the digital signal.
Audio Research is pleased to introduce the Foundation Series. From the same engineering and design team responsible for the award-winning Reference Series, the Foundation family of vacuum tube components has been created to provide incredible musical experiences. Spatial definition, dynamics and detail abound while providing the most natural musical experience. The first three components include the LS28 line stage preamplifier, the PH9 phono stage, and the DAC9 digital-to-analog converter. A new amplifier will follow, with other products to complete the series. All models will be available in both black and natural anodized aluminum finishes. Each unit comes with its own custom metal remote control. Since 1970, High Definition has been more than our trademark; it has been our guiding principle for all products. The Foundation Series continues this passion and philosophy, offering the listener stunning playback, great value, and unparalleled long-term support.

- Frequency response: +/-0.15db  20hz – 20khz; +/-3.0db 6hz – 192khz.
- Thd+noise: Less than .002% at  2v rms 1khz balanced output.
- Signal to noise: >114db.
- Imd +  noise: .001% (smpte ratio)
- Channel separation: 107db.
- Intrinsic jitter: <10ps.
- Dac resolution: 24 bits.
- Push buttons: Power, menu, option, enter, input, mute.
- Output impedance: 500 ohms balanced, 250 ohms se.
- Digital filter: Selectable fast or slow algorithms.
- Upsampling: All inputs upsample to 384khz.
- Inputs: Usb2.0hs  44.1 to 384khz, dsd, 2xdsd; rca, bnc, xlr 44.1 to 192khz; tos 44.1 to 96khz.
- Rated outputs: 3.8v rms max balanced; 1.9v max se (@ 0db input).
- Power supplies: Electronically-regulated low and high voltage supplies. Line regulation better than .01%.
- Noise: -103db
- Tube complement: (2) 6h30 dual triodes.
- Power requirements: 100-125vac 60hz (200 - 250vac 50/60hz) 60 watts maximum. Stand by: Less than 2 watt.