Atoll AM50se

Atoll AM50se

Stereo Power Amplifier 2x 50 Watt

Atoll AM50se
Atoll AM50se
Atoll AM50se

The AM50se, AM80se and AM100se stereo blocks suit most hi-fi or audio-video applications. Coupled with a preamplifer, they make for transparent and detailed listening. The various sound planes are rigorously respected. Built to be evolutionary, they can be used by themselves or in bi-amplification. Further, all models are mono-block bridgeable by a single switch on the main board.

- 1 Line Input
- 1 Line Output (to another power amplifier or a Subwoofer)

- Efficacy power : 50W /ch /8ohms, 70W /ch /4ohms
- Impulsion power: 90W /channel
- Efficacy power (Bridge mode): 150W/8ohms
- Power supply: 170 VA
- Total of capacitors: 15 000 mF
- Number of Input: 1
- Input impedance: 47 kΏ
- Sensitivity: 1,25 V
- Signal/Noise: 100 dBA
- Distortion at 1kHz: < 0,05% /10W
- Frequency response: 5Hz-200kHz
- Rise Time: 1,5 ms
- Dimensions: 440x90x255mm
- Weight: 7 kg