Analog Relax EX500

Analog Relax EX500

MC Phono Cartridge

Analog Relax EX500
Analog Relax EX500
Analog Relax EX500
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The body is made with hand-selected tone wood maple, a wood used specifically for violins. Analogrelax insists on using only all natural wood for the bodies of our cartridges. Why? Making cartridge bodies with resin or metal produces much greater yield, and is more efficient at manufacture. Why would we go out of our way to use wood? It is because we believe that cartridges are instruments to play records in their own right. What are most famous musical instruments made with? Yes: they are made with wood. And this is nearly inevitable. This is because, as you know, each and every cell within wood is surrounded by a cellular wall made with cellulose. The cells lose their water when the wood is dried, but the cellular walls allow them to maintain their form, leaving uneven spaces (holes) throughout. Air vibrating within these holes creates an organic sound. This is why wood always was, and remains the main material used in musical instruments to this very day. Resins and metals result in an even material, but do not produce the same sound as wood. It is for this reason that we insist on using wood for our bodies.

The EX500 model that we are offering has brought this insistence to the next level.
The body of the EX500 uses the finest hard maple, which is used in the necks backboards of violins.
It is made with the finest hand-selected maple wood for instrument manufacture, found primarily in Romania.
Enjoy a tone only possible with tone wood selected specifically for instruments.

The EX500 cartridge nourishes the heart
It uses custom hyper elliptic stylus, which are polished more precisely than standard products, with coils carefully wound with pure silver wire. The sound obtained from the unique resonance of the body’s hard maple tone wood will fill resonate throughout any room and bring it a refreshing atmosphere. Experience the sounds of raw instruments and vocals. You will hardly be able to suppress a smile at the unexpected appearance of the real stage spreading out before you. It produces sound that will nourish your soul. Take the opportunity to experience it for yourself.

- Coil Material: Pure silver
- Cantilever: Aluminum
- Stylus: Special ellipse stylus Solid Diamond
- Body: All natural Romanian hard maple solid wood (violin tone wood)
- Output voltage: Over 0.5mv (1kHz)
- Impedance: 15Ω
- Tracking force: 2.0g
- Magnet: Multiple Neodymium Magnet
- Weight: 約10.0g

All products are made by artisans within Japan.
The solid wood body is made with natural materials, there will be differences in color, grain, weight, etc. between products.
The body color of the grains will change with age.