AirTight ATM-3011R
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AirTight ATM-3011R

Reference Mono Power Tube Amplifier 12*KT120 1*200W

AirTight ATM-3011R
Astounding reserve in power quality!
The memorial valve high-power mono amp to mark the glorious 25th anniversary of the Air Tight ,that enables to derive in the form of ultimate fidelity the high-speed feelings , definition capability and opulent information inherent in the latest speakers.
- Parallel Connection of KT120 Valves under UL connection operated are 12pcs. of the reputed high-power valve compatible to the KT88.
- Driving Circuitry Featuring Direct-Coupled Cathode Follower
- Output valves can be easily adjusted by the front bias meter and the alignment pot affixed to each valve
- Banishment of PCB
- The amp section, all the components are placed on the copper-plated steel plate in order to improve heat conduction, to prevent vibration and shield magnetism
- Strictly Select Components
- Dispositions of components are so designed as to effect heat dissipation by natural air circulation, thus ensuring noise suppression to achieve good S/N ratio
- Chassis of compact, upright structure

- Valves employed KT120x12, 12BH7× 3, 12AX7× 1, 12AU7 × 1
- Rated output: 200W (mono)
- THD: less than 1% at rated output
- Frequency response: 20 - 20,000Hz( 1dB)
- Load impedance: 8 ohms
- Input impedance: 100k ohms
- S/N ratio: 100dB
- Power consumption: 300W
- Dimensions: 210(W) 520(H) ×565(D)mm
- Weight: 46kgs