Aesthetix Atlas

Aesthetix Atlas

Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier

Aesthetix Atlas
Aesthetix Atlas
Aesthetix Atlas
Aesthetix Atlas
Aesthetix Atlas
Aesthetix Atlas
Aesthetix Atlas
Aesthetix Atlas
Aesthetix Atlas
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ATLAS amplifiers are capable of driving virtually any high quality speaker. An innovative hybrid design incorporates a bipolar output stage, bipolar driver stage, and vacuum tube input gain stage. They stand alone as the only hybrid amplifiers with zero feedback, essential for maintaining harmonic integrity, air, space and coherence. The Atlas provides your choice of full range or high-pass inputs. This unique built-in filter is ideal for speakers featuring powered woofers, such as Vandersteen, or for audio and home cinema systems using outboard powered sub-woofers. Saturn Series design themes are evidenced in the specialized all-aluminum chassis construction and elaborate power supply design.

- Zero feedback, fully differential amplifier with complementary balanced bridge design for open sound.
- Tube gain stage using one 6SN7 tube per channel provides harmonic accuracy and soundstage layering. This single gain stage provides all of the voltage gain for the entire amplifier.
- Stereo amplifier: 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms; 400 watts per channel into 4 ohms
- Mono amplifier: 300 watts per channel into 8 ohms; 600 watts per channel into 4 ohms.
- Amplifier has a built-in high-pass crossover: 6 dB / octave, 16 settings from 40 Hz to 200 Hz in approximate 10 Hz increments.
- Single-ended and balanced inputs provide extended compatibility.
- Direct input bypasses all crossovers and switching for ultimate purity.
- Bus technology reduces power supply impedance between output devices for more instantaneous current.
- Power supply uses two transformers and three chokes. The high current section uses a dedicated transformer and choke input power supply. The vacuum tube B+ power supply has choke input and is discretely regulated. The result is unequalled clarity and control.
- Cardas patented rhodium-plated binding post with single knob lockdown.
- All aluminum chassis construction assures durability.
- Stainless steel cover for transformers prevents magnetic fields from interacting with sensitive audio circuitry, preserving low level musical nuances.
- RS232 control and trigger for special installation requirements.
- Available in black or silver faceplate.

Altas Stereo is available in three versions: Standard, Signature or Eclipse. Atlas Mono is available in two versions: Signature or Eclipse. Atlas Stereo can be factory upgraded to the Signature version, all Atlas units can be factory upgraded to Eclipse edition.

Altas Stereo is available in three versions: Standard, Signature or Eclipse. Atlas Mono is available in two versions: Signature or Eclipse. Atlas Stereo can be factory upgraded to the Signature version, all Atlas units can be factory upgraded to Eclipse edition.

Atlas Stereo Signature uses the same circuits as the standard Atlas Stereo, but those circuits are implemented with only the highest quality parts available. The Mono Signature version dedicates the entire power supply to one channel, increasing space, drive and dimensionality. The standard versions of Atlas use very high quality Rel-Caps as inter-stage coupling capacitors, while the Signature upgrades these with Peter Moncrief's Stealth capacitors, costing over 10 times as much. These provide more detail and information, while maintaining the same award-winning tonal balance. High current output stage power supply capacitance is doubled, increasing bass drive and solidity. Binding post wiring is upgraded to specialized audiophile 14 AWG, which further increases resolution. Another critical refinement is the replacement of all emitter resistors with a specialized metal foil low-inductance type. Atlas Mono is only available in the Signature version. Atlas Stereo can be factory upgraded to the Signature version.

The newest version of Atlas includes the use of new exotic capacitors, electrical upgrades including super-matched output devices and distributed node technology; advanced mechanical chassis isolation; and sophisticated electrical signal grounding. As an option, beautiful new polished-aluminum casework is available that is both more rigid and has better damping properties. First phase: The Atlas Eclipse Stereo features the Stealthcap™ capacitor, made with exotic new conductors, dielectric material, and composite resins to dramatically reduce reflections, enhancing focus and articulation with blacker backgrounds. Second phase: The output stage of Atlas Eclipse Stereo features Super Matched Pair output devices, lowering certain output stage distortion components by as much as 40dB. In every version of the Atlas, each Bi-polar output device (16 per channel) is supplied power through a copper bus bar design, radically reducing impedance compared to standard circuit board traces. In the Eclipse version, Distributed node film capacitors are added at each output device, further reducing impedance for increased current capacity and improved transient capability. Third phase: Critical power supply components: high voltage transformer, high voltage choke, and driver choke, are de-coupled from the chassis using specially designed isolation mounts. This dramatically reduces the amount of mechanical vibration introduced into the chassis. Fourth phase: Since the transformers are no longer in contact to the chassis at multiple points, a single point system is used to ground the transformer cases, further reducing AC-induced noise. Power supply wiring for the high current section, already robust 14 gauge in Standard and Signature versions, is upgraded to the equivalent of 12 AWG multi conductor audiophile wiring. Fifth phase (optional): The casework is replaced with machined aluminum pieces that are bolted together using a highly rigid joinery technique... they act as one. In black, the panels are polished to a beautiful reflective sheen. In silver, they are finished in a gorgeous matte texture.

Atlas and Atlas Signature come with Classic Casework. Atlas Eclipse is available with Eclipse Casework, or optionally with Classic Casework. Classic Casework matches Saturn Series components. Eclipse Casework matches Metis. See the photo gallery for examples of both classic and Eclipse casework.

Specifications Atlas Stereo
- Power Output: 200wpc channel into 8, 400wpc into 4
- Input Sensitivity: 60mV (1 watt), 2.3V (full power)

Specifications Atlas Mono
- Power Output: 300wpc channel into 8, 600wpc into 4
- Input Sensitivity: 60mV (1 watt), 3.1V (full power)

- Input Impedance: 470K
- Output Impedance: .25 at 1kHz
- Signal to noise: 120dB
- Bandwidth at full power: 4 - 150kHz
- Rated THD at full power: <1%
- Power consumption: 100 watts at idle
- Dimensions: 18"w x 8"h x 19"d
- Weight: 70 lbs
- Finish: black or silver


"Atlas Stereo Signature is a glorious sounding amplifier that successfully marries the airy openness of valves with the grip and grunt of a solid-state powerhouse. As the company's products are hand-built by artisans and have limited distribution among selected specialist dealers, audiophiles with pockets deep enough to own them are guaranteed pride of ownership as well as audio bliss."
John Bamford, HiFiNews (UK, December 2014

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