Acoustic System Liveline RCA

Acoustic System Three shelves rack/standard shelves

50cm W x 45 cm D

Acoustic System Three shelves rack/standard shelves
The HeartSong Rack Series includes amp stands and two, three or fourtier racks. A bevel-cut extra-thick turntable shelf on top is optional. Fully handcrafted from solid South-American hardwoods by Hab Tchang in the US, the frames and shelf banding for all models is Purple Heart, the shelf cores are Yellow Heart and the rail couplers between frame and shelves are Brazilian Rosewood. The decompression inserts in the lower legs are bonded Maple with three holes in each. There is also a small central hole in each shelf. None of the HeartSong audio racks use metal bolts or screws and all are finished in the finest hand-rubbed Tung oils for long-lasting luster and sealed with a final layer of wax. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will slightly darken their natural wood colors.

Twin-width and other custom versions are available by special request. Unlike the French manufacture of the Acoustic System Int. resonators, LiveLine cables, SugarCubes and Tango speakers, the HeartSong Rack Series is crafted in the US woodshop of Hab Tchang and ships from there fully assembled. The HeartSong turntable shelf measures 50 x 50cm and weighs 6kg. The amp stand's dimensions are 60 x 45 x 10cm WxDxH. The racks use the amp stand's foot print but are 50, 70 and 100cm in height and 10, 15 and 20kg in weight.

The HeartSong rack is built like any musical instrument. I adjust its resonance without damping. The Purple Heart frames have a good damping factor but don't deaden the sound like so many hardwoods or metals. The Yellow Heart wood is unpredictable and of high pressure but the most beautiful sounding shelf I ever heard. The rack's feet are inlaid with a layer of maple with three holes to decompress when the rack is loaded by the weight of the components and to avoid feedback from the floor. A few South American Rosewood cubes under each shelf lock things in  place and control shelf resonance while providing for a smoother sonic texture.