Acoustic System Gold

Acoustic System Gold

Acoustic Resonator /piece

Acoustic System Gold
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- Manufactured with 18 carat gold (751/1000), silver and copper.
- The base is hard instrument maple.
- Sound character: rich, bright, slight compression

The resonators made by Acoustic System are one of the most unbelievable high fidelity products. They consist of minute metal sound bodies that rest on wooden bases. Positioned correctly at particular points in the room, they improve the sound quality of every system. The resonators are activated by sound waves in the room and produce overtones - subtle overtones, which also define the sound colour. This colouring is often lost during the recording process, and when replaced always improves, and never worsens, the sound experience. Every listening room affects the music with its own specific audio characterics, inventor and developer modify the acoustic properties of the listening room. In a very sophisticated way, of course. of Acoustic System, is Acoustic System manufactures five different resonators, in five different materials. Every a qualified goldsmith music system can be improved by using one or more of them in six easy steps. and is a musician himself. Acoustic System’s component supports are also surprisingly effective - they too can lift a system’s sound distinctly. All details of the Acoustic System products were optimized by empirical means. Scientific explanations are very complex, particularly in the case of the resonators, as they have to define the relationship between low-level overtones, diffusion effects and psycho-acoustic perception. Luckily the quality of these products is easy to appreciate without knowledge of the background theory.

"Hard to believe. Easy to hear"


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