Acoustic Revive RWL-3 Absolute

Acoustic Revive RWL-3 Absolute

Acoustic Conditioning Exciter /piece

Acoustic Revive RWL-3 Absolute
Acoustic Revive RWL-3 Absolute
Acoustic Revive RWL-3 Absolute
Acoustic Revive RWL-3 Absolute
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RWL-3, which realizes "visible sound" in which a clear, three-dimensional, realistic sound image is localized on a vast sound stage, impregnates the internal foam material with Guiyang stone, which boasts more than 40 times the amount of negative ions generated by tourmaline. The final evolution. Separation of left and right sound fields due to diffusion effect due to conventional tourmaline-impregnated silk surface material and uneven structure by precise analysis, expansion of three-dimensional depth and height expression, sound image localization full of clear and three-dimensional reality, etc. Has realized a tone and texture that is more smooth and fresh and reminiscent of life.

665W x 90D x 1160H (mm)


Includes self-supporting pedestal and wall mount bracket

Theory and structure
Diffuses reflection and sounds from speaker ideally by its special material ditch which has different depth. RWL-3`s ditch has been designed by computer analysis and listening test. Also carefully calculated curve will diffuse sound in wide space compared from other diffusing type room tuning panels. The high-tech natural silk material and special foam material which contains Tourmaline releases negative ion which will make the sound very smooth and materializes excellent sound quality.


Sound absorbing type room tuning only kills sound
RWL-3 only tune and diffuses sound ideally so it does not kill sound like sound absorbing type room tuning such as glass wool, thick chemical fiber and room tuning using the Helmholtz principal. You have to remember that any sound which has been absorbed will never come back again.
Sound absorbing type room tuning takes away musically necessary elements such as feeling of energy a feeling of throbbing pulse. RWL-3 only eliminates unwanted elements like reflection, flatter echo and standing wave so the sound released by the speaker becomes very clear and at the same time, feeling of sound volume and energy will increase.

Conventional diffusing type room tuning panels problems solved
I`m sure that many people have listened to audio in a room which has expensive diffusing type room tuning which said to be analyzed by computer. People which who have listened to these room tuning must have experience sound such as pore sound position, corrupted sound stage and in a worst case, pore phase characteristics. This is because, unnecessary reflection occurs inside the room tuning random ditch and an outbreak of huge cross-modulation distortion stays inside the ditch. Diffusion type room tuning materials which said to have each frequency band analyzed by computer has not put elements in account such as room size, shape and a type of speaker and size. This is a reason why cross-modulation distortion happens inside the ditch which destroys sound quality. RWL-3 not only depended on computer analysis, few hundred of trial products were made and few hundred of listening test was taken place. These test and trial products created an ideal curved diffusion structure which leads to superb phase characteristics, solid sound position, wide and deep sound stage. We are confident of people who have doubts with conventional room tuning will feel and listen to the excellent room tuning characteristics of RWL-3. Even just placing only one RWL-3 at the center between the two speakers.

Tourmaline contained natural silk & foam material which creates an overwhelming smooth and natural feel and sound tone
When you use a conventional room tuning material, sounds tend to loose a gloss and moisture feel and becomes dry and rattled sound. This is because most of room tuning materials surface including diffusion type room tuning uses chemical fiber. The room tuning materials surface creates reflection even if its absorbing type room tuning materials surface. This reflected sound joins the sound from the speaker. A chemical fiber carries a uniform fiber which has an outbreak of a peak (resonance) and this peak become an unpleasant and irritating reflection which destroys the played backed sound from the speaker. We adopted a natural top quality silk as an RWL-3`s surface material. Silk is the only fiber which carries a random tissue and does not have an outbreak of peak (resonance). So it is possible to get a very smooth and excellent quality tone. Further more, RWL-3`s silk material contains Tourmaline which releases negative ion. As you know, silk is produced from a silk thread which released from silkworms mouth. The leaf which the silkworm eats is added with Tourmaline powder. So Tourmaline is naturally contained in the silk. Also the curved ditch which has a random depth is made from special foam aterial which also contains Tourmaline. So together with the silk surface material, RWL-3 releases a strong negative ion effect.Negative ion improves the sound viscosity and makes the sound wave transmission smooth which leads to clear, excellent resolution, smooth and high quality tone. RWL-3 will exceed conventional room tuning materials concept and sound quality which will give you very smooth and natural tone. This is because, RWL-3`s design and material is carefully chosen to perform high quality room tuning in any kind of room. RWL-3 will change your room acoustic and give you superb phase characteristic, sound position, wide sound stage, detailed information and realistic tone which you have never heard before, and we are confident that your room acoustic will exceed studios which is said to be acoustically carefully thought.


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