Acoustic Revive RAS-14 TripleC

Acoustic Revive RAS-14 TripleC

AC Stabilizer (3-CORES)

Acoustic Revive RAS-14 TripleC
Acoustic Revive RAS-14 TripleC
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Powerful absorption of power supply and ground noise!
All audio equipment and power units are subjected to power supply noise via power cables and ground noise through the earth / ground connection, resulting in a notable decrease of S/N ratio and a decrease in sound quality. RAS-14 removes the power supply noise and ground noise by using a special electromagnetic wave absorption material (blended natural ore) which dramatically improves sound quality and S/N ratio.

Noise removal by a complete non-contact system!
Non of the negative side effects that noise filters and resistors often create! All similar products on the market absorb power supply noise through a built-in filter or by a resistor inserted in the earth line. The filter and resistor can absorb the noise, however on the other hand they create negative side effects. These types of filters also absorb essential elements of drive, emotion and power from the listening experience. RAS-14 improves the S/N ratio without any negative side effects, because the noise is absorbed and converted into thermal energy in a complete non-contact system by a special electromagnetic wave absorption material.

Creates vibration control effect as well!
RAS-14 also creates an anti-vibration effect by adopting in the main body a natural Hickory (High density and superior in the acoustical property) and a Carbon fiber (superior in outer noise defense and vibration control), resulting in a clear improvements of the sound stage and phase characteristic.

Improvement of the sound quality without deteriorating conductivity by the use of superior conductors and connectors
RAS-14 is equipped with a very thick PCOCC-A conductor which is superior in purity than high purity copper (such as 6N) when it is made into a cable, and the Rhodium plated connectors are processed by -196℃ Super Cryogenic treatment to avoid any deterioration of conductivity. As the result of the above, you can achieve a dramatic improvement in sound quality that is more remarkable than replacing the AC power cord with an extremely expensive product.

An application is easy!Just insert RAS-14 between the equipment and the power cord.
The application of RAS-14 is very simple. You just insert RAS-14 between your audio equipment (Amplifier, CD player, etc) and its power cord, or your power supply equipment (Power box, power transformer, power generator, etc) and its power cord. As RAS-14 is designed as to be compact, light weight and flexible, it is easy to handle and connectivity is stable, unlike some other products which constantly need to be re-connected or re-tightened.

Positive effect for visual equipment too!
RAS-14 creates positive effects with visual equipment such as Blue-ray disc player, DVD player, Projector, etc. Transparency, contrast, focusing and shade harmony of the picture are improved and create much more correct coloring and three-dimensional effect. RAS-14 is also able to make the motion of a movie by LCD projector smoother.


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