Viablue QTC

Viablue QTC

Spikes in Black or Silver - 4 pieces

Viablue QTC
Viablue QTC
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Individual. Exclusive. Unique.
VIABLUE™ QTC Spikes prevent disturbing vibrations from loudspeakers or devices to the underlying surface. They provide you with a vivid, clean and detailed sound. Spikes are an optimal addition for speakers and devices like record players or tube amplifiers.

Elegant perfection
- 200 kg per set maximum load
- 2 coated metal bodies, connected with a 20 mm fine thread
- 2 mm height adjustment

Spikes Task
Spikes concentrate and eliminate vibrations from loudspeakers and devices. Vibrations are bundled and discharged through one or three pinpoints.

Spikes in Detail
The bodyweight of the speaker or device is pooled to one small point of contact. This creates a maximum pressure to the underlying surface, which eliminates all disturbances.

Height Adjustment
Is directly located on the two spikes bodies. Thus, relatively unstable height alterations on thread sticks or on spike peaks are no longer needed.

Comfortable assembly
- Easy assembly by screwing to speakers/devices with existing threads
- Screw connections to speakers or devices without existing threads: Optionally available thread sticks, threaded inserts and nuts
- Original VIABLUE™ high quality spikes accessories available for all options

We recommend screw connections. Our VIABLUE™ Set-Up Guide shows all assembly options and provides you with a set-up manual.
QTC spikes set includes:
- 4 QTC spikes incl. exchangeable premium stainless steel peaks
- 4 QTC discs with premium stainless steel inlays, Ø 16 mm
- 4 diameter decreasers, premium stainless steel, to allow the use of M6 screws

Original VIABLUE™ spikes accessories
- Screw M8 x 16 flat, premium stainless steel for speakers or devices with existing threads
- Thread sticks, different sizes, premium stainless steel
- Threaded inserts, different sizes, premium stainless steel
- Discs XL with premium stainless steel inlay: Ø 25 mm, e.g. for wooden floors, available in black or silver. Also available as QTC XL set

Our assembly accessories are laid out in the VIABLUE™ Set-Up Guide:

- 200 kg maximum load per 4 piece-set
- Item weight 580 g
- Weight including packaging 670 g
- Height adjustment / total height 47.5 – 49.5 mm
- Maximum Ø 35 mm
- Available colors: black, silver