van den Hul The Wind II

van den Hul The Wind II

Silver-plated OFC copper, with carbon hybrid in peach color 4,76 mm2 /m

van den Hul The Wind II
van den Hul The Wind II
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Playing with ideas always opens new windows. One of these windows was the idea that it must be possible to write a computer program with the ability to fine-tune the signal transmission. The result is a fine-tuned product with predictable properties.
Our The WIND Mk II HYBRID was designed as a first result.
The WIND Mk II HYBRID is a multi-core single conductor loudspeaker cable with a very complex strand construction.

The WIND Mk II HYBRID consists of a total of 173 single non insulated strands in 5 different layers with a total cross-section area of 4.67 mm² equalling AWG 10.5.

To improve the overall transmission quality even more, we have coated the total metal construction with a Linear Structured Carbon ® saturated layer. This extra item dramatically improves the sound quality.
The sonic result is a very detailed signal transmission with a superb spacious character.

The resistance of The WIND Mk II HYBRID is 3.7 Ohm/km. The external diameter is 6.2 mm.
The peach colored jacket is made of HULLIFLEX ® 3, a very flexible and mechanically superb insulation material.
Before connecting The WIND Mk II HYBRID to your equipment we advise to mildly twist both leads to keep them together.