Mystère CA11 Tube Preamplifier

Mystère CA11

Tube Pre Amplifier

Mystère CA11
Mystère CA11
Mystère CA11
Mystère CA11

The ca11 preamplifier picks up where the ia11 and ia21 left off. When paired with either the pa11 or pa21 power amp, it produces a sound so beguiling, so emotional, so utterly exquisite, you’ll know there’s a heaven. The designs of Mystère separates represent so much more than simply “splitting” the integrateds into pre and power stages—a technique common in the industry today. Like all our separates, its chassis provides space, a tremendous advantage. More space means less restrictive designs—for improved power supplies and for the most advantageous wiring positions. The ca11 uses an SRPP (Series Regulated Push-Pull) circuit for high gain, low distortion and very low output impedance by using a variation of the White Cathode Follower. The circuit uses no negative feedback for more natural tonality. We continue to use our high quality, heavy duty, 24-step volume attenuator and fast, wide-band polypropylene caps. Like all our products, the pre amps are point-to-point hand-wired with rigid copper wire, loosely insulated with woven, silk tubing. Implement the ca11 with either the pa11 or pa21 into your current system and you’ll hear an immediate and profound improvement–a huge step on the road to perfection.

- Bandwidth 8Hz ... 200kHz @ 47K load
- Noise 104dB wtd-a ref 1V
- Gain 9x = 19dB
- Distortion 0,05% @ 100mV output, 0,12% @ 1V output
- Input imp. 150kOhm
- Output imp. 592 Ohm
- Max. headroom 25dB rel to 1V output = 19V
- Crosstalk -94dB 20Hz – 20kHz
- Net weight 15 kg
- Dimensions 320x370x200mm (lxwxh)
- Tubes: 4 x 6sn7
- Voltage 230V/50Hz
- You can't change the voltage to 110V/60Hz