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21st Century Vinyl

Tuntable Set Up DVD Video

21st Century Vinyl
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Michael Fremer's Practical Guide to Turntable Set-Up
A three-hour, dual-layer DVD with step-by-step, setup instruction.

Michael Fremer, of Stereophile and analog-backing fame, is wrapping production of his to-be-named Turntable Setup DVD. The tutorial - it's actually expected to be as much entertaining as informative - is due out in June. Witty and, according to a pre-release audience, funny, the disc will without doubt be absolutely awesome in the ways of making you comfortable with a turntable, any turntable.For almost three hours, Fremer covers each step of turntable setup. Specifically, he tackles a Pro-Ject RM-5, a Rega P5 and a VPI Scoutmaster. From those, Fremer believes any viewer can set up any turntable. The disc's running time is just under three hours and contains a PDF file with additional setup details, including tonearm/cartridge matching and VTA adjustment. There will be simple animation and graphics to illustrate certain points. Fremer takes you as far back in the chain as the actual record cutting with interviews of George Marino, Senior Mastering Engineer at Sterling Sound in NYC. This disc's been a long time coming. There've been attempts at set-up instructionals, but most have suffered the same math-class, bored-to-death fate. If you read Stereophile's Analog Corner, or Fremer's own musicangle.com, you know this one is going to make a serious attempt to engage your wit and come through with the goods on all things turntable. Why not make it fun, simple and effective? Learn to set up and maintain your turntable. It's never been more pain-free. "21st Century Vinyl is a helpful bridge between the first flush of analog enthusiasm and a longterm survival strategy…Quit fretting. When the moment of truth comes, just set up a worktable in front of your TV (or vice versa) and go through the setup process step by step with a master. The path may be winding and narrow, but your feet are stronger than you may imagine." – Mark Fleischmann, Home Theater

"…The DVD is sure to be of valuable functional service to many audio buffs just getting into vinyl playback, and to remind us with Michael's pep talk on its wonders that it really is a terrific format that has not died out by any means." – John Sunier, Audiophile Audition

"…a product that should have been around long before August 2006. It provides easy-to-follow, practical advice for obtaining the tools and knowledge necessary to complete competent setup of most turntables…a resource that will allow many to recapture the hands-on nature of this hobby and have their record-spinners making fine music in no time." – Bill Brooks, Soundstage, August 2006

"…for the LP lover who has never done so out of fear or lack of confidence, or has tried and had something go wrong, this is, in my opinion, the perfect nudge to get them past the stigma and fear. This is a must have disc for any vinyl fan at any level of accomplishment. A hearty well done, Michael. By the way, what took you so long?" – Greg Weaver, Positive Feedback Online

"It's awesome" – Bob Weston (recording engineer, record producer, bass player in Steve Albini's band Shellac)

"Before I watched your DVD I have to admit I was hopeless at setting up my turntable, needing to call my dealer to the rescue when something went amiss. After watching you explain and demonstrate the possible adjustments, I was somewhat at a loss, but after getting out my toolkit and following the process step by step, it seemed as if I was a seasoned professional…I feel I can finally and confidently say that I've begun to master the setup of my favourite source and I'm sure I'll get better at it too." – Bert Denckens, Antwerp, Belgium