Wellfloat L Series Board

Wellfloat L Series Board

Different Sizes 0-300Kg

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The CEC Wellfloat Boards works best for amplifiers, speakers, and components. We highly recommend them for our belt drives and turntables. They use a patented pendulum movement floating suspension system. The system consist of an U-shaped special stainless steel spring connected via a piano wire. When weight is applied on top board, U-shaped stainless steel comes down to make piano wire free movement. Piano wire works for pendulum movement. Thus the vibration up-down, right-left, forward-backward will be totally absorbed.  This is super effective at minimizing floor vibrations and eliminating microphonics within components. Included with the platform are 4 floating suspension systems that are indispensable to maximizing the performance of the platform. You will be thrilled with the improvements in resolution, bass, and sound-staging.

“If, however, we had to choose just one...The CEC WellFloat board has become something of a ‘go-to’ choice, not only does it bring an entirely positive enhancement to CD replay, it’s proved to be a remarkably versatile, well-balanced (no pun intended) device in a wider range of applications than we might have anticipated.“
K. Scott - from Living Voice UK

Dimensions: 450 x 600 x 58(h) mm,
Weight: 9Kg.
Weight capacity: 5-90kg.

Dimensions: 350 x 450 x 58(h)mmm,
Weight: 5,5Kg.
Weight capacity: 5-90kg.