Biologa Danell NF indicator ESI 22

Biologa Danell NF indicator ESI 22

For easy detection of low-frequency electric fields (EWF) and magnetic fields (MWF)

Biologa Danell NF indicator ESI 22
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- New model 2021 with slightly extended functions compared to the proven ESI 24
- The all-in-one device for daily use
- Ideal for technical laymen
- In handbag format, also ideal for travelling (approx.135g)
- For easy detection of high-frequency electromagnetic waves (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (AWF), as well as alternating magnetic fields (AEF)
- For uncomplicated assessment of the exposure situation and quick control of existing shielding measures
- Helps to quickly and easily identify the sources of EMF electrosmog.
- Uncomplicated finding of areas with low exposure due to extended HF mode

The ESI 34 is a completely newly developed, easy-to-use Trifield EMF indicator with excellent accuracy. Helps detect high frequency radiation and low frequency alternating electric and magnetic fields. This allows for a simple and sound assessment of your personal field exposure. The ESI 34 displays the measured field strengths by LEDs in traffic light colours. The detected values are determined via an easy-to-read table. In addition, there is an audio signal to identify the sources, the pitch of which increases proportionally to the EMF field strength.

EMF sources that are detected by the ESI 34
Cordless phones DECT, WLAN, Wi-Fi, mobile phone transmitters, high-voltage lines, electrical installations, baby monitors, microwave ovens, mobile phones, etc.


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