Benz Micro MC Gold

Benz Micro MC Gold

Low Output 0,4 mV - MC Cartridge

Benz Micro MC Gold
The Benz Swiss factory, being designed for research and specialized hand-building, can only produce a finite quantity of phono cartridges. To satisfy the growing market of music lovers searching for quality and affordable moving coil cartridges, Benz went to Japan and established a relationship with an automated factory to produce a series of cartridges reflecting the Benz philosophy. These cartridges had to possess flat frequency response to accurately reproduce the natural tonality of recordings, not the accentuated high frequencies of lesser designs. They had to have exceptional trackability and exemplary channel separation, resolving musical subtlety and three-dimensional imaging. They also had to be compatible with a wide range of tonearms, and be offered in a variety of output levels to match every preamp. The MC Silver, MC Gold and MC20E2 are the results of these efforts.

- Output: 0.5mV
- Stylus Shape: .3x.7mil
- Internal Impedance: 120 Ohm
- Recommended Loading: >1200 Ohm
- Weight: 5.7Gms
- Compliance: 15
- Tracking Range: 1.7 - 2.0


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