Benz Micro Ebony L

Benz Micro Ebony L

Low Output 0,26 mV - MC Cartridge

Benz Micro Ebony L
With its exotic aged Mozambique Ebony tonewood casing, this aptly-named MC cartridge is the ultimate musical reproducer from designer Albert Lukaschek. The Benz Ebony embraces and surpasses previous Benz designs; this is a glorious, sweet and engaging cartridge.Available as either an ultra-dynamic and resolving 2.5mV high output or a rich and detailed 0.26mV low output, the Ebony is tonally natural, sensual, and above all musical - the sonic embodiment of the analog-lover.  The LP Ebony builds on the already acclaimed and awesome sounding Ruby platform, with key refinements and innovations. First, and most obvious, is the new body made from aged ebony wood, which is not only visually stunning, but also deeply influences the cartridge's sonic character. Ebony is an extremely dense and richly toned wood; when combined with the Ruby platform the result is a warm, lush sound with more controlled bass and a richer, rounder mid-bass response. The LP Ebony uses low output, symmetrical coil windings for improvements in clarity and greater phase coherence. By reducing the number of coil windings, the LP Ebony is also able to offer faster dynamic and transient response. Parts matching, calibration and attention to detail is exceptional in the LP Ebony; extra care and time is spent fine tuning the suspension before the cartridge leaves the factory. The LP Ebony phono cartridge is completely hand built in Benz-Micro's facility in Switzerland and will be a limited production piece due to the scarcity of the aged ebony wood used in crafting the outer shell.

- Output voltage (3.54 cm/sec): 2.5 (Ebony H), .26 (Ebony L), .1 (Ebony TR)
- Stylus shape: Micro Ridge
- Internal ohms: 90 (Ebony H), 5 (Ebony L), 1 (Ebony TR)
- Loading range: >1,000 (Ebony H), >50 (Ebony L), >10 (Ebony TR)
- Weight: 10.7 grams
- Compliance: 14
- Tracking: 1.6 – 1.9 grams


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