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Bassocontinuo Accordeon XL4 2.1 - Nighthawk

Reference Audio Rack with 3 or 4 shelfs - Basis price is incl 1x Bottum Shelf

Bassocontinuo Accordeon XL4 2.1 - Nighthawk
Bassocontinuo Accordeon XL4 2.1 - Nighthawk
Bassocontinuo Accordeon XL4 2.1 - Nighthawk
Bassocontinuo Accordeon XL4 2.1 - Nighthawk
Bassocontinuo Accordeon XL4 2.1 - Nighthawk
Bassocontinuo Accordeon XL4 2.1 - Nighthawk
1.140,00 Price include 21% VAT Price exclude VAT € 942,15

In Nighthawk Finish
The new “total black”. A little shiny, a little opaque. Structure made of HDF painted black embossed scratch- resistant and a central panel made of black painted glass for a perfect sheen with a mirror effect. Details in shiny black steel complete the design.

Reference Line renews to the second generation and grows: in terms of performance, in terms of stability and payload and in terms of appearance. We were born with this line and in this line we have put a lot of efforts to improve it to achieve an important result: to date, it remains one of the most imitated products. A new emotional approach to the product. Six combinations of materials and textures inspired by vintage and nautical and automotive industry.

While maintaining the simplicity and cleanliness that has always distinguished it, today Reference Line stands on the market as a series of uncompromising products. Each shelf is equipped with an NFC tag that contains the serial number of the product. Approach your mobile phone (NFC compatible) and download the serial number. Do you have any doubts about the origin of the product? Contact us and we will tell you the story of every single shelf. In addition to increasing the thickness of the shelves to 30 mm, we tested the racks and applied dampers at the bottom of each to increase the dissipation of energy (especially the one generated by the engines of turntables and CD players).

The features of the new version 2.1, A proven performance boost
All the products of the Reference Line increase performance with the new tie rod system: the static and dynamic tests carried out by Vicoter in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano demonstrate the remarkable sturdiness of the racks.In the new version we have also added a gem that we know our customers will really like: a bubble level over each shelf to keep planarity under control. We like to be the best, experiment, try new solutions at the cost of being criticized or copied. We will rack you!

Accordeon XL4 2.1
The most successful product to date. The one with which we started off with in the now distant 2008, praised by the press, rewarded by sales. A massive, modular rack that we like to call sexy, with curves in the right place. The second generation brings ten years of experience and countless technical implementations. Used in combination with the “Vinyl shelf” (accessory to be purchased separately) it has become a rack with very important performances.

- Structure: Modular solid stainless steel, independent shelf, adjustable spikes and new tie rods.
- Thickness of the shelves: 30 mm
- Height between shelves (or from the floor): From 95 to 330 mm
- Overall dimension: 660 x 560 mm (w x d)
- Useful size: 560 x 560 mm (w x d) each shelf
- Top shelf useful size: 600 x 560 mm (w x d)
- Load capacity: 110 kg bottom shelf / 90 kg all the other shelves
- Decoupling: Elastomer washers under each shelf and dsd under the rack.
- Note: 4 hdr (harmonic damper resonator) under each shelf (bottom excluded).
- Easy to install. Always expandeable and upgradeable.

Vinyl shelf
Vinyl shelf is dedicated to analog music enthusiast. It’s an important upgrade to further decouple your turntable from harmful vibrations. An additional shelf, floating on Torlon spheres for a perfect decoupling and with massive damper on the back side. Vinyl shelf can be separately purchased and added to your Reference Line rack at any time.


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