Audiotop Connect3

Audiotop Connect3

Thirth Stage Contact Cleaner /10ml

Audiotop Connect3
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Non specified substance with a defined viscosity.

Brush (very economically*) all contacts and subsequently join all contacts, sink the tubes into the sockets, etc. Now you will experience all the above mentioned characteristics!

* It is sufficient to coat the contacts with a very thin film. Drops that miss the contact point and fall beside it, will have no influence on the operation of the device. In reality this can hardly be avoided with "open" tube socket, due to the force of gravity. If you want to remove surplus additive, in the case of cinch-contacts use a clean q-tip for the isolation and remove the remainder with a paper tissue.

Exclusive development and technology by Audiotop Products! Based on an analytically pure gold surface, the resistance is reduced by about a factor of 3 after the cleaning and coating by Connect3 - this affects substantially the current flow and the impulse behavior in electronics. Connect3 has a very strong polar connection to gold and this leads to this unique conductivity, lack of noise and protection from corrosion and wear! Naturally this also applies to other metals. The improvement functions for up to 1000 connections or 10000 uses of the rotary switch.


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