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Audio Physic Midex

Floorstander loudspeaker - pair

Audio Physic Midex
Audio Physic Midex
Audio Physic Midex
Audio Physic Midex
Audio Physic Midex
Audio Physic Midex
Audio Physic Midex
Audio Physic Midex
Audio Physic Midex
Audio Physic Midex
Audio Physic Midex
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Midex - Performance and elegance in perfect harmony
Audio Physic presents the new Midex. The award-winning speaker is equipped for the first time with the revolutionary PowerTrain technology including the new midrange driver HHCM SL.

Take the position of the woofers, for instance. Instead of placing them next to each other below the tweeter and the midrange driver, they flank the other drivers, with one woofer on the top, the other at the bottom of the baffle. This placement helps avoid uncontrolled effects of room acoustics in the bass region, enhancing low-frequency fidelity significantly.

The Midex cabinet uses our tried-and-tested Sandwich Construction and has an internal reinforcement structure made from open-cell Ceramic Foam. This very expensive high-tech material is unique in that it consists mostly of air, surrounded by a network of ceramic that’s nearly as hard as diamond. Ceramic Foam is very light but extremely stiff and strong. By using Ceramic Foam for reinforcement, we can create a very stiff cabinet without wasting internal volume, compared to using conventional materials. This means that the Midex is acoustically a lot larger than its outside dimensions suggest.

In its internal structure, the Midex also features a new Honeycomb Sandwich Board, a material that we have first used in our flagship speaker Structure. At a fraction of the weight, this material is very light and rigid and a lot better in avoiding unwanted vibrations and resonances than the commonly used MDF, thus further optimizing the acoustically relevant volume of the cabinet.

Other pioneering Audio Physic technologies featured in the Midex include the unique dampening of the cross-over network and the connection terminal. The latter, like on all our speakers, is equipped with high-end nextgen® connectors by WBT.

Easy installation and sure footing on any surface are ensured by the same robust traverse setup that we use on our Codex speaker. Equipped with standard M8 threads, this can easily be upgraded with Audio Physic VCF V Magnetic Plus Vibration Control Feet. These feet noticeably improve audio fidelity, reproduction authenticity and protect sensitive floors from scratches.

The Midex comes with the new HHCM SL midrange driver and third-generation HHCT tweeter, which are also used in the Codex. The modern architecture effectively reduces self-resonance and leads to an inimitably pure and open sound reproduction.

For easy set-up and safe standing on any surface, the Midex has a stable truss construction, as it is also used in our Codex. The trusses are equipped with an M8 thread and can therefore be upgraded with the Vibration Control Feet VCF V Magnetic Plus. Their trend-setting design allows for a noticeably increased imaging fidelity and reproduction authenticity, and they also protect sensitive floors from scratches.

In terms of sound, the Midex is beyond reproach thanks to its versatility, and there is no need to make any compromises with it in terms of looks either. It is available in a variety of wood and high-gloss glass finishes as standard, and can be fitted with glass panels in virtually any color on request.

- Height: 1120 mm / 44"
- Width: 202 mm / 8.0"
- Depth: 340 mm / 13.4"
- Required Space Width x Depth: 360 x 450 mm / 14.2 x 17.7"
- Weight: ~ 32 kg (Wood) ~ 36 kg (Glass)
- Recommended amplifier power: 30-180 W
- Impedance: 4 Ohm
- Frequency range: 30 Hz - 40 kHz
- Sensitivity: 89 dB
- Tweeter: HHCT III 39 mm / 1.5"
- Midrange: HHCM SL 150 mm / 5.9"
- Woofer: 2 x 180 mm / 7" Alu Cone
- Assesories: Glass Grill Black. Spike Set


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